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G19 G4 warranty work....

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So ya as everyone knows the brass in the face issues with the 336 ejector...I am just giving the details of my experience.

Bought glock 19 gen 4....had 041 spring in it....thought I'd maybe be ok since some have no problems and some do...took my chances....put around 400-500 rounds threw it...cleaned and oiled every trip. I got about 40% or more of the casing to the face...I have pictures of burn marks on my lips forehead and arms from the back on the casing hitting me squarely and with enough heat in it to burn my skin. Also I would dozens of black powder marks on my face. So needless to say I was upset about having to send in a brand new gun that is supposed to be perfect....whatever it's ok now and it's behind us...

Sent in last week they received it on Wednesday and that Friday it was "in the computer system to be able to check the status when I called the tech support....I called the following Tuesday and it was in the final stages of the testing and was sent out on Wednesday...I received on Friday....pretty happy about turnaround. So from the day I sent it fedex(paid for but had to ask)...til the day I had it back was a total of 10 days...including weekends. Honestly I would of been pissed if it took longer but I'm still impressed and happy.

Range report....150 rounds flawless no reliability issues and I think I might of got 1 casing that came at me but I was weak handing. Ejects hard to 3-4 o'clock. Also ask for LEE when you call glock tech he was the nicest and most competent of the 3-4 people I spoke with....

on a side note also when I was having to call to get my fedex label emailed to me they got my address wrong 4 times..... I had to call back 4 times just to get the right return address on my label...they wrote it down correctly the first
time but somehow whoever was doing the fedex labels kept misspelling the info every time.

The glock is a glock again...let's hope it holds up and continues to work and that there are no more problems with gen4.
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