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Sorry for the long read, can't explain this quickly.

Purchased a brand new Gen 3 Glock 19 a couple of weeks ago. Put about 300 shots through it so far at the range, not a single issue.

I had field stripped it ~50 times (getting used to the gun, playing with it) before this happened. Somehow I managed to get 3/4 of the frame slide rails attached to the slide when putting it back together. I didn't pull the slide all the way back, I would say it the slide was just barely fed into one of the rear frame rails. The two front were connected, but only one in the rear. If you're looking at the gun in a shooting position, the rear left frame rail wasn't in contact. I realized the slide wouldn't go back and saw that only 3/4 were aligned properly. I must have not been paying attention really, honest mistake.

Freaked out and slowly took the slide off the frame. Nothing looked bent. Put the gun together properly. Immediately had the issue that this guy explains in his video:

*His is a gen 4, mine is a gen 3

I originally had thought that I had bent the trigger connector, so I swapped it with my friends OEM extra connector and it cured the problem. Or so I thought. I then ordered a new OEM connector and installed it last night with no issues. I'm an engineering student and I love taking stuff apart...

As the video shows, when the gun is pointed up, and the trigger is pulled prior to a field strip, the firing pen stays in a rearward position, not allowing the slide to be pulled back all the way normally. DOES NOT happen every time, maybe 1/4 of the time.

Is this normal? I didn't have any issues putting the gun back together before my stupidity put 3/4 of the rails. Still not quite sure how I managed that...It's bugging me because I have OCD with expensive items.


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Just do as recommended in the video you cite. When field stripped, you can just point the slide muzzle-down and press the FP safety plunger; the FP will fall forward and the plunger will stay depressed.

As for putting the slide on without properly aligning the rails, it causes no problem unless you are slamming the slide on and rearward. I've never understood the need for the macho technique that can result in the slide being jammed on with one of the rails outside its groove.

Everything you are seeing is normal -- breathe deeply.
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