G19 edc torture test

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    Apr 23, 2018
    Ok I wanted to see how far my edc gen 4 mos 19 would go because you never know until you do it right! I shoot a lot anywhere between 300-1000 rounds a month during warm weather in mi, and I shoot steel case almost 100% of the time tula and usa forged 9mm the glock has around 10-15k round count on it already here are the mods
    Apex extractor
    Ssvi tyr trigger shoe
    6lb trigger spring
    Ghost 3.5 connector
    Polished internals
    Polished barrel
    Wolf reduced plunger spring
    Maritime spring cups
    Trijicon rmr rmo6
    Trijicon suppressor night sights
    Extended slide release

    Now I cleaned the gun as normal and shot 2,408 rounds over the last two months without cleaning the gun the gun once,and I still to this day have had 0 malfunctions of any kind,the only thing I have noticed is extraction is getting erratic, I shot steel,brass,nickel in no particular order,the first 1500 rounds were all steel usa forged followed by federal brass then tula,hornady,winchester white box,some renegade reloads pretty much anything I could find.Guess I thought I'd share what I have found,I used slip 2000 in the beginning so ill be posting pics of the cleaning of the gun thanks!!
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    Feb 5, 2018
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    I shoot my G19 Gen 4 weekly at the rate of 150 per trip to the range. (I also shoot another gun the same amount but that’s not the issue). I put 3000 rounds through the G19 before I cleaned it but there were no problems that made me clean it...I just felt guilty that I might be abusing it so I set 3000 as my “oil change” level. I am extremely pleased that it eats anything I put into it including the aluminum and works flawlessly. I had a Walther CCP 9mm that needed cleaning every 200 rounds so that’s been sold. Glock truly is the AK-47 of handguns!
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    Apr 13, 2013
    I see you broke your 19 and suggesting WWB was the culprit. From what I see here not so much.
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    How much did you shoot it stock?