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G19 and G26 Smooth Trigger

  1. Im having a hard time finding an OEM trigger (smooth). I want to say that I have to buy one for a .40 cal model. Does anyone know the part number and where would I get one or two?
  2. Try Lone Wolf, Midway USA or the Glock Store

  3. A G17/G22 trigger bar is what you need.
  4. So I do have to buy the whole bar?
  5. Yes you do.
  6. Thanks, that explains it.
  7. The trigger bar with smooth trigger pad for Gen3 is manufacturer part number 357. For Gen4 it's 3608. You can use the Gen3 trigger bar in a Gen4, and presumably the other way around as well.
  8. It's only about $15 IIRC. Good deal for the whole assy.
  9. Try Glockparts.com
  10. ^^^ It's not over $20 from any vendor.
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  12. *QUOTE*
    So I do have to buy the whole bar?

    NO, just smooth the target serrations w/wet dry sandpaper. I've been shooting a G27 for years w/a smoothed trigger.
  13. Thanks 4 the info! I just ordered one for my G19 Gen4 on ebay!:cool:
  14. Did you order the 3608 (Gen4 17) trigger? I called Lonewolf and Glockmeister about a smooth trigger form my Gen 4 19 and they had no clue.

  15. Yes! It's the 3608 for gen4 from ebay for under $19.00 including tax from ecop. It's for a G17 but you can use it for your G19 or G26! All trigger for G19 are serrated only.:cool:
  16. The part is actually called "Trigger With Trigger Bar."
  17. I would not want to trade a older style trigger bar with no bump for a newer style one with the bump, just to have a smooth trigger. Maybe for the older style one with out the bump, but I would not know where to get one.