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G17M available from Lipsey's (not yet in stock)

  1. Lipsey's has four part numbers listed for 17Ms:

    PM1750333 and UM1750A03 (change the ending 3 to a 1 for the 10rd variant). All are listed as having Agent sights vs the Bolds. MAP pricing is $627. I have my Lipsey's rep on the lookout for me.

    I currently have no information about these other than that. Just a heads-up for y'all/
  2. So just US vs. Austrian made, white and red label. Interesting
  3. What area are you in ? I live near Penn State . I have a 17 M PM1750333 . I also have the Lipsey 17 M coming in when they get them .
  4. I was told Sept on them .
  5. Any idea the differences in the 4 models?
  6. SKUs that start with 'U' are U.S. made pistols ('P' for Austria). SKUs that end in 1 are white label (10 round mags). Those that end in 3 are red label. Those that end in 2 are Blue Label. Red and Blue label are high cap mags.
  7. Thanks, I learned something.
  8. I did and it was great reading .
  9. Are they really worth what they have gone for on GB?
  10. Its all in what you want I guess. I once had a USCG Sig 229 DAK with Gov etched bar code , plain brown box . Gov issue gun . He contacted me time and time . I took his New Les Baer in box and 800 cash for it . It was worth it to him I guess .
  11. I have one of those USCG guns. It's really cool. Going from memory and I could be wrong I think the label says E29 or E26 or something like that
  12. NO, IMHO!
  13. Of course what determines IU is the market and realized prices.

    In my opinion a Mickey Mantle baseball card isn't worth 3 bucks. However, in the opinion of card collectors it's worth a fortune.

    Any collectible is worth with the market bears. For virtually any expensive collectible there are people to whom it would be worth next to nothing and people to whom it's worth a lot.
  14. Yup, quite true! Totally agree.
  15. So a “P2” would be cool. [emoji41]

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  16. My Sig 229 USCG , night sights ,DAK and had a bar code etched on the slide, plain brown box with thick foam , came with one mag in gun , Gun was brand new , a guy on the Sig forum called and e mailed me deal after deal for it . I think right after I let it go I saw a 229 Ice gun same DAK , night sights , etched bar code in 9mm new in box and still have it . I only ever saw two for sale on the out side . These are not the commemorative guns .
  17. Now that I'm home and looked, the gun that I have was purchased in 2005.

    It's not a commemorative. My notations from the time indicate that it is an actual Navy Spec War contract gun. My notes from the time note that very, very few were sold but I don't know how many and can't find this online. It comes with 3 phosphate mags. The label is the Govt nomenclature and the SN appears in the format of the Govt guns, not the NSW package guns that Sig sold briefly with the NSW SN Prefix, COA, etc - that I also have from the same time period and really like.

    SORRY to be OT for the Glock Collector forum. Happy to continue on the Gen Firearms Forum.

    Pics: (Top 4 Govt issue gun, last pic NSW gun w/COA)

    Note that the oil on the gun is all factory original. This is the first time out of the wrap since 05.

    IMG_20190912_202647.jpg IMG_20190912_203021.jpg IMG_20190912_203045.jpg IMG_20190912_203152.jpg IMG_20190912_203234.jpg

  18. The p226 navy was the predecessor to the mk-25 and was a production gun from what I recall. Your sku number appears to be a p226 Navy. Great guns but I believe they were standard cataloged items. It's essentially what a mk-25 is today so to speak.
  19. I think that this particular one with these markings on the label and the serial number in the format that it is was an actual government contract on that was sold in limited numbers.
  20. MAN!
    I live for stats , & Numbers , I have found while out that most folk don't have any idea on when their gun was made.

    It's not the most important thing but good to know.
    Good Day
  21. I have that same 226 Navy contract gun also , same box 3 mags ,they be Mk 24 guns ???
  22. The 229 DAK in 9mm,with bar code , night sights is marked ICE on the Sig blue box . The USCG 229 40 DAK all came in plain heavy brown box .
  23. Very cool. Sounds like the same plain box the M17 limited editions come in.
  24. Just about the same thing , but the 229 DAK guns I happen to get are not limited editions.
  25. I just meant that those were the government-issue boxes. Those limited edition M17 are the actual government guns in the government boxes as they are delivered to the military. so I just meant that I'm assuming that that brown box that those guns come in are the same as what you're talking about the same type of the boxes that they deliver guns to the military in.
  26. Yes I new that , and love the feed back from your reply's . This is a Great site . I`am into the detail stuff also .
  27. .
  28. Thanks!

    I very much enjoy your posts as well.

    Also sorry about the typo I tried to clean it up a bit.
  29. Yep and you did a fine job .
  30. Two available. Looks like they're going FAST!
  31. I think that may be the same sku of the one I have ????????? Have to check.
  32. I purchased one of the (I assume) Lipseys guns. Once I have it I'll post pics of the label, gun, internals, etc.

    If they have a ton of these I'll post a range report also.
  33. "Real agency, not Lipsey's"....


    I wonder if there's any difference other than the serial number. The PD guns do not seem to have DLC coated internals. Lipsey's guns are actually advertised with them but it will be interesting to see if they really have them.
  34. If they were contract overrun and given to Lipsey's to sell then they should be the same.. We'll have to wait and see..
  35. I would have bought one in a heartbeat but my Calif Overlords have deemed me unworthy and have generously provided me a list of what new guns I may acquire.
    But I need to wait 10 days from start of DROS while they consider if I am indeed worthy.
    After that I must wait a total of 30 more days from the start of the 10 days before once more I am worthy.

    So yes, one per month. Legislation has been proposed to include certain long guns in addition.
    Ever owned a Ca legal semi auto center fire rifle? If you have that evil collapsing stock and equally evil pistol grip it better not have a finger depressing mag release and under no circumstances a magazine of 11 or more rounds. Felony if you do.

    Oh, did I add it doesn’t matter if it’s even a used handgun off GB? It better be on the roster even if it’s used.

    California, the Golden State and breeding ground for restrictive gun legislation coming to a State near you.

    You gun lovers in States without this madness have it soooooo good.

    Rant off.
  36. What a mess of course we in Virginia could be in the same boat very quickly makes me literally sick
  37. Well, at least the thread is back to the topic. Sheesh!

    My 17M will be in next week, it is interesting that Lipsey's is the only distributor to have these (that I am aware of), but given their history with Glock special runs it is not too unexpected.

    I am cautiously optimistic these will be true M pistols and not just a Gen5 with a different roll mark.
  38. I have a friend who works there. I’m not sure what he knows about them but I can ask.

    I may see him this weekend, too.

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  39. Not sure of the difference? I personally two people with 17M’s and both had standard Gen 5 internals. Only 19M’s have the DLC parts AFAIK.

    IF these have DLC parts, I’m gonna order one..
  40. All M pistols are *supposed* to have coated internals as that is part of what makes an M an M. If the 17M pistols you observed did not have them then I don’t know what to say without knowing the source of said 17Ms.

    Keep in mind that the only way to get M internals, outside of official supply channels, is to swap the parts out of a M pistol and replace with Gen5 parts.

    Is it possible that whomever reported the lack of coated internals was wrong or possibly didn’t know how to properly identify them?

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  41. I'm sure the actual FBI 17Ms have DLC internals.

    The ones that the Glock guys got as well as a police departments do not as it is my understanding only the three letter agencies order them with the DLCs

    The Glock guys 19Ms war of course blue label while the 17Ms were red. I'm thinking that those blue label guns were actual government contract guns
  42. I bet the Lipsey`s are left over Police contract guns , they may be able to sell them to a company like Lipsey. I can`t wait to see what prefix they will be .
  43. I was certainly among the very first to order one of them when GunBroker hopefully I will have it soon and can let you all know.
  44. I'm not saying this isn't the case. But typically when a gun is a contract over run, they are not listed in lipsey's catalog the way in which these are. In addition to that, they typically have a AUT sku number or item number.
  45. I was right on one of these from the moment I saw the info . They called and had a invoice printed right on the spot . They told me if they are out and around it would be shipped ?????????
  46. Who called? I'm confused. If you aren't a FFL, Lipsey's won't sell directly to you.
  47. We just got two in today. Austrian made. Red label. They do NOT have DLC internals.