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First post. I can't hit the side of the proverbial barn with my new 17. I am not very good with a pistol but not this bad. Think it's the trigger pull. Real heavy. I do much better with my XDM which has a much lighter and smoother pull. Hope I don"t have to send to gunsmith and spend $100.00 to fix. Help. Have a new Sig SP2022 coming, hope it has a good trigger pull.

Thanks, Doug

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I pretty much guarantee your issue is with your trigger pull. Spend a little time dry firing and you will improve 1000%.

Make sure the gun is safe. Pick a safe (small) target about 10 feet away. Align your sights and slowly squeeze the trigger. You want to feel the trigger bar take up the striker and move across the connector. You want to feel the connector just as it breaks and releases the striker. You want to pay close attention to the front sight in that it absolutely does not move. Cycle the slide and do it all over again, and again, and again.
When you feel confident the 10 foot target is mastered pick another target out about 15 to 20 feet. Start all over again. Once you have 50 or so trigger pulls and no sight movement you are ready to hit the range again.

Please feel free to follow up with a range report detailing your experience?
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