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G17 Optics mount

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I have a 2nd generation G17 that I would like to turn into a full range gun. Basically a build up and something different from the rest of my Glocks. What I am looking for is something like the Carver or Glockmeister mount that doesn't require drilling the slide or the accessory rail of the 3rd generation frames. I am looking at mounting a red dot sight similar to (or exactly) the C-More style sight. Please don't give your opinion against the build up as this is my gun and what I would like to do to it. Thanks for any input.
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Nobody knows where I can find an optic mount that doesn't require the light rail or will at least fit the 2nd gen models securely?
The Aimtech tigershark is for non rail frames.
Originally posted by Custom Glock Racing
The Aimtech tigershark is for non rail frames.
Thanks! Have you held one installed? Looks like it might rub your thumbs during shooting. That is what I was looking for though.
I shot them alot years ago. The rear legs annoying me it the best (and possibly only one left) for a non rail frame.
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