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Shot my G17 through 5 stages of USPSA including a classifier today.

As some of you may know, I had issues with the Vickers slide stop... and I'm glad to have the stock Glock OEM part on there now instead. Even with the OEM slide stop (the regular, not extended) I had three instances where the slide dropped on an empty chamber due to my grip. I'll have to adjust this and work on it in practice. I had no issue finding it on a slide lock reload though (yes, I use the slide lock, and NO this is not a philosophical debate as to the merits of this method versus "sling-shooting").

Overall the pistol shot flawlessly. The G17 is surprisingly accurate at those ranges. Most of my hits from 7-15 yards were in the A range, although I did have my fair shares of misses and C's and D's. I wouldn't blame the pistol though, those are generally my issues and I'll need more practice before I can start blaming the pistol for lack of accuracy.

A couple of thoughts:

1. I need new sights. In bright daylight, the tritium front and 10-8 rear aren't the greatest combo and I've already found that using the Harries technique at night causes me to wash out the front sight anyways. I'm going to a fiber front and a wider 10-8 rear for my next match.

2. USPSA is fun, but can't replace good tactical training. The stages are laid out so you're running around and not using cover. Also, dropping a partial mag to the ground is encouraged and there is no penalty for doing so. This goes against what I've been taught in classes and the IPDA rules.

3. DID I MENTION USPSA IS FUN!!!! Seriously, go shoot it! I need a 1911 pattern pistol since shooting the single stack class look like a whole lot of fun and full of really good competitors.

4. Finally, be sure to use "hot" 9mm ammo. I had lots of plates not fall for me that had no issues falling for guys shooting in the single stack class or even .40s. I'm going to run the cheap 9mm WWB 147grn JHP next time versus the 115 grn. FMJ Federal Champion I had this time around.

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Congrats. Sounds like you had a good time. Bravo for not blaming the pistol. Too many people blame the pistol and add every "upgrade" they can find hoping it will make them a better shooter.

You are correct, practice, practice and practice some more. Nothing else will make you a better shooter.
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