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G17 Gen4 Locking Block

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I have about 20k to 25k rounds thru my G17 Gen4 and the bottom front edge of the locking block has been worn (or chipped) down. It looks like someone filed exactly 1/8th of an inch off and sharpened the leading edge (from the bottom up). What type of malfunctions might this cause and at what point should it be replaced? I can feel vertical movement of the barrel up and down when the slide is locked back (more movement as compared to my other G17s.
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Thx JR -- It has failed in the sense that after 15 to 20k rounds of almost faultless performance - It has started to randomly have FTF problems. It happens after the pistol has about 175 to 200 rounds through it after cleaning and the round jams nose up into the feed ramp.

Glock called me back yesterday and said the Locking Block should not be an issue and is most likely unrelated to the FTF issue.

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