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G17 Gen I complete.... value?

  1. A local guy is selling excellent condition first generation G17 complete with proper tuperware box and papers.

    He wants $700. I don't know whether this is a good price or not.

    Your advice will be appreciated.
  2. He's bumped his head IMO!
  3. $450 for mine in 99% condition.
  4. I would not pay that much, but you might. Depends on how much you want to spend... There seems to be a demand for them currently, but long term, who knows for certain. If you are looking for collector status, maybe, but I would make sure it is unfired. For a shooter, no way. You can find two gen 2s for the same price, if you look around...
  5. No way toooooo much!! I'd pm Duck if I was you.
  6. Thanks to all. I also think the price is too high, but I wanted to check with others. I'll pass.

  7. Is the guide rod made of gold, if not dont buy. If you really want a Gen 1 search around classifieds, gunbroker type sites. If you are a collector and there is something special about this gun then, to each his own.

    The last thing you want is to have a guy come on this site and say "Hi, new member here just bought a new Gen 4 G17 after selling my old Gen 1 G17 and boy did I make out on this one"

  8. OOPS, that's what I paid--it's NOT FOR SALE
  9. I would rather purchase 2 police trade-ins for that kind of money.

    I see Gen1 17s in the 350-500 price when I see them forsale. $700 is way too much.

    Passed on a decent gen2 17 for $339 last Friday. I simply don't have enough money to purchase all the deals that are out there.
  10. CDNN recently advertised a Gen 1 in good to excellent condition for 750.00