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Update: ALL SOLD

Glock 17 gen 4 slide/upper, IGB 9mm 16" barrel, gen 3 13lb Glockstore stainless RSA, and gen 3 RSA to gen 4 Zev slide adapter. Also included is a cheap (but surprisingly good) mini red dot from ADE.

All is in excellent condition, purchased new by me specifically to create a carbine, and shot a few hundred rounds at best.

This slide and barrel fits any gen 4 17, 22, or 31 frame. The 13lb RSA helps the slide cycle. You'll need at least 124 grain ammo, 115 grain does not cycle the slide.

(Side note: If you're handy with a Dremel and don't mind bubba-smithing, a cheap gen 3 frame can easily be modified to accept a gen 4 slide.)

Add a stock (Fab Defense has them, as do many others) to your frame, and your have a mini-carbine! Lots of fun to shoot, and can be a great backpack can't find a lighter "carbine". I have 2 of these, my other is a 357 Sig and I'm keeping it. Just thinning the collection a bit.

The oem barrel and oem RSA are not included with the slide.

Stock Glock front and rear sights (not pictured) are installed on the slide.

I would rather keep this set-up together, but may split it up.

Asking $335 shipped for the package.

$195 plus $10 shipping for the G17 gen 4 slide (complete slide, less the barrel and RSA)

PayPal F&F or you pay fees.

email: weswarren (at) yahoo (dot) com

$125 shipped for the 16" barrel, 13lb RSA and Zev adapter. The barrel and RSA will also fit a gen 3 slide without the adapter. I will include the adapter for using the barrel on gen 4 slides as well. I have found the heavy 16" barrel cycles reliably with the 13lb gen 3 RSA's. Stock gen 4 RSA's tend to have hang ups, lots of failures to cycle.

Please know your laws and only purchase if legal in your area. I will only ship where legal and only in the continental US.

Last thing - these 16" barrels can go for $300+ on the YRS website...get one here for cheap!

Glock frame not included! Pic for demonstration purposed only.

NOTE: The manufacturer states this is NOT an NFA item. It is not considered an SBR and no tax stamp is needed. It can be installed and removed from your firearm. That said, if adding a stock, you MUST first install the 16" barrel BEFORE installing the stock. A Glock with a stock and no 16" barrel can be considered an SBR and to my knowledge is not legal.

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I’ll take the 16” barrel setup.
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