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G17 Catasrtophic Failure

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I have a Gen 4 G17 and I'm experiencing cat failures. It's blown the bases off of 3 cases.

For full disclosure, I am a reloader. I load very soft loads, 3.2 grains of Hodgdon's Clays under a 125 fmj using a Dillon SDB reloader. I'm not new to reloading and this is the only gun I've had problems like this.

The first time it happened, I thought it was a fluke. The second time, I thought I must have made a loading error of some sort.

Today, it happened again and I'm wondering if it's the gun?

Is anyone aware of issues with the Gen 4 G17?

Thanks, Dave
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The point is a guy is asking if a Gen 4 is causing his reloads to fail. Problem is with reloads. Not the Glock.

Just start noticing how often people having issues are shooting reloads or using non-OEM parts or mods

You will see a pattern.
Yes, I see a very clear pattern. I see people who don't know what they are doing having problems and people who do know what they are doing not having problems.
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