G17 barrel accuracy questions

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    I have a Gen3, G17 barrel accuracy question. The question are at the bottom...

    I tend to shot at 7 yrds and I hit generally in the center of the target somewhere. Not usually a bulls-eye. Around within an inch or two of center, everywhere but less common is above the bulls-eye (some low-right, low-center, and left, and some to a lesser amount are above as well).

    I replaced the barrel (with an aftermarket one) and this improved my accuracy for a year, then it eventually got worse than it was before. So I reinstalled the old factory barrel and now I'm back to were I was before (read above).

    If I use a device to hold the gun while shooting, the problem lessens greatly (80-90% better), but the problem is still there.
    I own a MP Shield, I shot this gun much better.
    If shoot other semiautomatics, I shot them better too.

    My questions:
    Do I have an unreasonable expectation for accuracy? Is this good enough?
    If a new barrel worked grate for while, what wore-out?
    I am a component of the problem, as the accuracy is better when the gun is braced. What can I do to be better?
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