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I wanted a laser training aid for dry fire practice. I ordered the g sight laser trainer and received it yesterday. I ordered the .380 model because a lot of reviews recommended it over the 9mm model. There are reported fitment issues with the 9mm model. I gave it a light coat of oil and had zero problems loading it into my G26. It worked great and you can clearly see the laser streaking if you jerk the trigger. That is the exact feedback I was looking for. I can’t speak to the longevity of the product yet but it only cost $40. I spend more than that on a quick range trip. This product also has an app for some kind of drills but I haven’t looked into it yet.
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I have the system, myself. I posted pics on Instagram if you want to see it.

I use a SIRT trainer for my pistol (auto resetting laser trainer), an iPad mini, a tripod for the iPad, a home made stand with an IDPA Target stapled to a couple of 2x2s, and a target used by the GSSF competition in my area.

I have a very long house, and I can practice out to 20 yards. If I push it I can go as far as 25 yards.

The G sight trainer has 3 modes. 10 shots only (free app application), unlimited shots, and shots with a timer.

The target though can’t be in bright light or the laser hits will not register. Sometimes the iPad is changing focus and that may not register all hits, either. However, when the moons and planets are aligned, I can still use it to practice my 10 round shots and determine my spread on the recorded shots with the app.

The app is $10 for both features and it’s worth it to me.

I have an iPhone, also, but didn’t try it to see how that works with reading my laser hits. So I will see if there is more reliability.

It has made me a better shooter, though.

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