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    Jan 19, 2004
    A friend of mine just told me about a guy at work and i thought i would share it with all here because it is pretty funny.

    My friend Ted is the manager of a machine shop, and last year he hired a middle eastern man, Amhed to run various machines.
    Once a month (sometimes twice), Ahmed would tell Ted he needed the day off because it was "G DAY". Not thinking of anything, or thinking it was some sort of Religeous thing he never objected.
    Well today was G Day for Amhed again so he wasn't at work, but Ted had invited some potential customers to go shooting for the afternoon.
    At the range, Ted had reserved 4 areas for all of them to shoot. He got them all set up looked over to the right and saw Ahmed!
    Ted said.....Amhed what the hell are you doing here, i thought you were attending a religeous event or something???
    Amhed.....no, no boss today is G Day!
    Ted.....Yeah, G Day my azz....you aren't even really religeous, are you?
    Amhed....Yes i am religeous, and today is G Day because it's when my friends and i shoot our Glocks to practice for the GSSF. And i didn't tell you i shoot, nor have a CCW because of that picture i saw when i was first hired by you...You know, the one of Osama and Saddam being hanged in your tool box! Don't forget, i am middle eastern, and i carry a gun, as well as like to shoot, and didn't want to jeopardize my job by telling you i go shooting to practice for various events.
    With that being said, Ted was speechless;f
    Ted told me about this and i laughed soo hard (he kind of got pissed at me....LOL) but i know he would have been acting the same if it were me. He did say though, that he will be celebrating G Day with Amhed every month:)

    I don't know about y'all but i would have made Amhed like assistant manager or something;)
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