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G-19 or G-45 for CC.

  1. Preference?
    I know the difference in grip length, but does anyone have/had both for carry and have an opinion?
    If you say 19, please take a moment to tell me which Gen and why.
    Thank you in advance.

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  2. Gen 4 19.

    I have a Gen 4 17. The grip doesn’t conceal as well for me appendix.

    19 works just fine. Both fit my grip fine.

    17 for work. 19 for off work.
  3. I would prefer the G19 to the G45 for Concealed carry but I have carried both the G19 (my first Glock) and G23 and thought they were both a little bit too chunky for concealed carry and wouldn't mind giving up 5 rounds ammo capacity to carry a G43x which also has a shorter barrel than a G19 and is just that much more compact.

    I think 10 rounds is plenty as long as you make every shot count and if you can't get the job done with ten rounds, then maybe the job just isn't doable and 5 more rounds probably isn't going to help you any.
  4. Which one do you shoot the best? That's your answer.
  5. Have both. 19 Gen 4 wins for CC. Grip size is an important factor for me given the 45 grip jams into the seat of my trick where the 19 does not. Also have a Gen 5 19 MOS but am not proficient enough with a dot to carry it quite yet, nor am I sure I ever will elect to.
  6. The 19 in any generation is clearly a better concealing firearm.
    I could conceal a full grip but only with a fairly heavy jacket and at 1:30 to 3:30 on the belt. The 19 is plenty big enough for carrying all day, perhaps too big.
    I'm "downgrading" to a 26 now for the warmer months at least. The 45 in my view is a duty/service gun and not really meant to be carried concealed, unless you are willing and able to pull it off.
  7. I carry a G45 everyday and have no problem concealing/carry it.Everyone is different in many ways/thoughts and whichever you are most comfortable carrying/shooting is the correct choice.Tough decision,both are great pistols.
  8. Neither. I’d go with a single stack or subcompact.
  9. I prefer the G19
  10. I have no idea. And nothing is open around here right now that rents.

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  11. If you are unable to rent or shoot a friends,buy the one that fits your hand best.As I stated before,neither is a mistake to buy.
  12. Both! I have a 19 and 19x I go back and forth with
  13. I own both. Between the 19 and 45 mos for iwb, it’s my 19.4 because of what you stated on the grip length. Nothing particular on the gen 4, it’s just what I own. When it’s cold weather and easier to conceal it’s always owb and can be a number of pistols including the 45mos, 19.4, 30.4, HKVP40, I would add that when I carry iwb it’s always appendix carry. I have 3 pistols that I rotate for that, 19.4, sa xds mod2 45, or sa Hellcat. Not sure I could get by carrying the 45 and not get noticed.

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  14. The G19 is the king of CC for a reason. The G45 will never dethrone the G19. The grip is simply too much of a downside for practically no upside.
  15. I have and carried both the 19 and the 19x. I find the 17rnd magazine length of the 19x a bit too long to conceal easily. I carry IWB at 3 o'clock position.
  16. I appreciate the opinions, but want to say early the 19 or 45 is the only two in the running right now.
    Maybe later I’ll look at a 42 or 43, or maybe even a LC9.

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  17. Glock 19 Gen 2,3, or 5
  18. The hardest part of concealing any firearm (on a belt) is the height of the grip area - the longer it is, the harder it is. The only time the slide / upper length can possibly become a problem is when seated. Therefore the full length grip size frame (G17, G34, G45) would be the hardest, with the shortest (G26, G43) being the easiest.

    As usual the G19 is the happy medium in all, with the G26 still being even easier to carry due to it's shorter grip.

    Once you start to move around (try sitting in a chair that has some type of arms on it) and start banging the longer grip of either the G17 sized guns or a even a G19 it becomes obvious, vs the shorter grips like on the G26.


    That's actually part of the beauty I love of the G30 - more than enough grip to hang onto to shoot it well than the G26 with a flat mag plate, and it's actually just enough shorter than the G19 that it's just that much easier to walk around with on your hip (or at least mine for that matter).
  19. The 19's grip is easier to hide since the 45's length is the same as a 17. You will notice the difference in practice. The shorter slide of the 19/45 doesn't stick out so much through the back pocket if you carry IWB.

    I have both Gen 3 and 4 guns. I have a Gen 5 G17. I'm one of those people whose hand perfectly fits the Gen 3 finger grooves. However, the slick sides of the Gen 3 grip is suboptimal. I much prefer the Gen 4 grip texture. I'd probably just get a Gen 5 G19 and be happy.

    I am considering acquiring a G45. I really like the "Commander" style gun. You'll likely really like it, but you will find the G19 to be easier to carry especially if you are new to EDC.
  20. One trick with carrying the G19 is to get an inside the waistband holster with lots of forward cant. An example holster is the Milt Sparks Criterion. The split loops reduce overall width. There are many kydex holsters with adjustable forward cant; look for one that does 20-25 degrees.
  21. I have the Gen 5 G19 and the G45. The grip of the 19 is easier to hide, and it is slightly lighter than the G45. Currently the G45 is getting carried more.
  22. Another vote for the Glock 30.4 if you like 45 ACP! It's a great gun and is magically accurate.
  23. From a shoot ability stand point, the 19 has always pointed height for me and the 17 points “truer”.
    Depending on your cover garment, the 19 might conceal better but certain methods make the extra 2 rounds/length aren’t as noticeable as others.
  24. I have both but carry my Sig P365 a lot more.
  25. Why no 4?
    Just curious.

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  26. Okay, since you have both, which do you carry more?
    I had a 365 for less than 2 months. For ME, it was too small and I hated the trigger. Traded it to a friend for an unfired 27.
    I’ve put less than 200 rounds through the 27.
    Love carrying it.
    Hate shooting it much.
    I’ve worked out a trade with LGS to make my 27 turn into a 19 or a 45.
    If she ever gets one in...

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  27. Thanks Eric, very well put.
    I’ve had a G-30, G-30SF, and a G-30.4
    For personal reasons, I’m going to all 9mm for carry guns.

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  28. I have several gen 2 g19's

    I prefer that they hold more ammo and that they can use g17 mags in a pinch. Many g17's around in the world so mags are everywhere..

    10 rounds is not terrible.. but at that point i would go 8 plus 1 in a 45 cal shield. Cheaper and better round.. and my 45 cal shields are 100 percent reliable.

    So in my world the g19 also makes a better home defense pistol.. so thats what i recomend.

  29. I started with .40 Glocks in '95 or so, went from a G23 to a G27. Could not shoot the G27 to save my life, sold it for a G26 and all has been perfect since. My G26 has been my main carry gun since around 2007 or so now. (disregard the G-Shock in the picture :)). 20200408_141723.jpg

  30. I have had the same (30, 30SF, 30.4). My main carry is still my G26, but if I could have only one it would be a G19 all day long and twice on Sundays. :) 03-09-11 new.jpg
  31. Despite people wanting 12 oz 6 round single stack 380 guns.. or such.. the 19 has always been easy for me to carry.

  32. As far as the discussion of the frame heights of the G19, G30, and G26 (in that order) here is a quick visual of the three put together -


    A little bit easier to see, the G19 vs the G30 -


    The G26 vs the G30 -


    If there was a way to get a G19 in the frame / grip height of the G30 it might just be about perfect, but you'd have to loose rounds to do so (maybe a 12 round mag ?) at that point I'd just assume have a G30 w/ 10+1 rounds of .45 ACP.

    My only other solution again is the "G26L" (a G19 frame cut to a G26's size), but again I found it did not fit my hands as well as either the G30 or G19 does, so it did not work out for ME. Your mileage my varry.........................

  33. I have a 45 and it doesn't do anything better than my 17. When I did 19's I preferred Gen 4 for the better grip texture and larger mag release. Having owned a few Gen 5's, I'm lukewarm on the trigger. I'm liking my 43X, at the moment.

  34. I've had a G17, 19, 26, and 34 at this point (no need for a 43, I shoot the 42 and 26 better for carry).

    My 34 did nothing my 17 did not already do, and I don't like the idea of the large opening on the 34's slide.

    Again, the 19 is just about the perfect all around gun - a happy medium of all things. I have now carried either a G19/23 sized gun vs. a G26 sized gun for just about the same amount of time.

    That said - for a carry gun, the G26 is just about perfect.

    If I could only have ONE, as I have said, the G19 all week long and twice on Sundays.

    03-09-11 new.jpg
  35. I did the 26 for a while and liked it well enough. I liked it a lot, actually. Eventually, though, I discovered that I could carry a 19 just as easily as a 26. And that I could carry a 17 just as easily as a 19. I'm liking the thinness and full grip of the 43X. It's the same capacity as my 9mm 1911 Commander in a considerably smaller and lighter gun.
  36. I enjoy reading the opinions of everyone and I am very pleased and content that my choice,a G45 has,for me,proven time and time again that I made the correct choice.There will be many disagreements with my choice,but I will stay with the G45 until something new is introduced that I like better.
  37. I got a G19 Gen 3 and it is the Goldilocks thing. The G17 is too big, the G26 is too small and the G19 is just right. For me it works AIWB, IWB and of course OWB.

    In CA the Gen 4 and Gen 5 is off roster so they are available at a premium price. The Gen 3 works for me and I actually like the finger grooves. I think that is what makes it Glock Perfection.
    When the Glocks came out to Law Enforcement in the late 1980s everyone rushed out to get finger grooves. So for me the Gen 3 was good to go. The Gen 4 not so much. :cop:
  38. Nice graphic. Thank you for sharing.
  39. Hi. Yours is the second post to state something about not liking the Gen 4 19’s.
    What’s up with them?

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  40. G19 for appendix carry, if that's your thing.

    G45 for 3 o'clock IWB or OWB.

    I can and do both. No issues, just depends on my mood.
  41. Nothing wrong with Gen 4, it is my favorite. It has some improvements over gen 1-3 like larger magazine button, less bulky grip, longer lasting recoil spring. It also lacks the extra bulk of the ambi slide release on the Gen 5. I didn't like the Glock 19 until Gen 4. I was issued a Gen 3 Glock 22 and had owned Gen 2-3 17s prior to that and always had good luck with the full size guns but still prefer those in Gen 4 also.

    Glock 19 will always be easier to conceal than 45 or 17...but the larger grips can be concealed. I would suggest getting the 19 first, you can always put a larger magazine and spacer in it.
  42. I carry the 19 more than the 45 because it’s slightly more concealable.
  43. I have the 19 Gen3, the 19X and now the 45MOS.
    The 19Gen3 is the one I carry.
    I can shoot all of them with same nice results!
  44. I think your build matters.
    I'm 5'9" and weigh 167.
    I carry a G17 sometimes but the butt prints from the back wearing a t-shirt.
    It also shows more cuz of width. I prefer a flatter gun.
    One reason I'd never carry a G30.
    My main carry is a G43. A compromise would be a G48 for me.
  45. The 45 fits my hand better than a G19 with finger grooves. Both will work, I have carried both my G19 and my G19X.
  46. Depending on your build, carry position, typical clothing, and tolerance for printing, the 19 is generally easier to conceal. The butt is only a tad shorter, but can make a difference.

    The 19, 45, and 26 shoot the same for me 15 yards in, except maybe a smidge more effort in rapid fire to control the 26. I like the Gen5 grip over Gen4 because of the lack of finger grooves, but as a righty, I could do without the ambi slide release.

    I am average size, but have a bit of a “spare tire “ so I don’t wear tight shirts untucked. If I am careful, I don’t have a problem with the 17/45 butt ( strong side, IWB). Most people wouldn’t notice, and my state is constitutional and open carry anyway, but I don’t advertise.

    Since you have a 27, you know the 26 is night and day difference from the 45, and really, though the increment is similar, seemingly from the 19 as well. If my primary use was concealed carry, I would seriously consider the 26. Your extra mag(s) can be 17’s.

    Of course, the 19 is the quintessential compromise, and if you have the build, the 45 isn’t that much harder if you are careful, at least for strong side IWB.

    Haha, I am good at telling folks what they already know! Really, you have to decide, but the upside is they shoot about the same.
  47. Glock 45 9mm = The King of Glock
  48. anim_lol.gif
  49. I use a LH Vedder Light Tuck/Claw set at the max 15 degree forward cant at 08:30, it has worked out well for my G45, G19MOS frame/G45upper, G26.5 frame/G45 upper, G23.4 and G27.4 frame/G23.4 upper. I just ordered another one setup for my Olight PL-mini. I have another LH Light Tuck for my RIA 1911 10MM, at 58 Oz it works great with suspenders.

    I'm 6' 5"/310# and normaly wear Dickies 4X pocket T shirts untucked for summer concealment and 3X pocket T tucked with 4X flannel untucked for winter concealment.

    For me, the Claw pushes the butt of my guns into the "soft tissue" (notice I didn't say "fat") under my ribs and it pretty much dissappears, such that I usually carry the G45 (which is my favorite) and have never been challenged about printing and to be honest I don't really care because my SDA (Self Defense Act) Permit covers open and concealed carry so I don't have to worry.

    I actually like shooting the G26 combo better than the G19 because I have large hands and the G19 just doesn't feel as comfortable.

    G45 grip.jpg

    So if you have large hands like mine.... Or if you buy a G19 and find it small, 17rd mags with X-Grips work, they even work well on G26.
  50. I like the feel of the G45 in my hand. The G19 gives me pinky dangle. I can live with the issue of harder to conceal.