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G-19 Backorder - Losing my mind

  1. Hi folks:

    I am new to the game but have gotten the bug bad. Been shooting regularly since the beginning of the year. Made the decision to buy my first firearm (Glock 19 Gen 4) and have been on the waiting list for a month now.

    This is ridiculous. I am being told to expect mid March now. I live in Miami and placed my deposit at Lou's Police Supply. It is suppose to be one of the best FLL shop's in town.

    Anybody have an easier way to get a Glock-19 in Miami. I went to the FTL gun show and they were selling Gen-4's for $699 (absurd). And there was only one left in the whole show (even more absurd). I am losing it here.

  2. Take a number. Glock is a Global company. As of February 1st, they were backordered over 700,000 pistols. That is with both Austria and the USA working 24 hours per day, 5 days per week.

    I work part-time at Virginia's largest firearms store, and we have zero Glocks for sale.
  3. Florida gun trader website. I use the Texas one but you have to be fast, and check it often.
  4. I also had my heart set on a G19 Gen4 but after waiting 8 weeks with no end in sight (4-6 more mos) I did IMO the next best thing and got a G26 Gen4. I'm picking it up today.
  5. I put my name on the list today, #1 on the list. Hopefully they come in quickly but who knows
  6. When I was at Glock in GA a few weeks back they said there was a 6 month back orders on Glocks.
  7. I was very fortunate...I sent an email to a LGS to get on the list. I had a reply that he had one for me within 3 days ! I went in with a guy I work with and we both walked out of there with one that day. Three days later...I got a call from a second place I had put my name on a list.
  8. Calm down.

    You are new to shooting and finally decide to buy a gun during the period of highest demand in history. Don't be upset because there is a temporary shortage and defiantly don't blame the dealers. The only one to be upset with is yourself for waiting so long.
  9. Would you say the same thing to people who just turned 21 recently? Not everyone on this board is some old guy with the capability to put years of stockpiling under their belts.

    I'm 24. I haven't had the opportunity legally for long. I see quite a few posts where people say you only have yourself to blame, and that just isn't the case. It's the panic buyers and people causing the panic. This time last year was very calm. Up until November I could pretty much find anything I wanted at a fair price. I don't know the OP's story, but you should at least consider many people did not have the same options as you before you make baseless statements.
  10. It will be worth the wait!
  11. I think Everyone needs to take a deep breath.......................and relax. Like other firearm "panics" in the past, this one will also pass with time. Little or no legislation will come to pass....suppliers will catch up with demand and there will be ample supplies in the pipeline. Don't be lured by this situation to pay over market price for anything....just be patient. My forecast is that by this time next year things will look a lot better.
  12. I agree...
  13. That may be true, but I think it all depends on where you go and I think the better, larger quantity dealers, have placed big orders when they saw what was happening and are probably getting preferential treatment. I only waited 3 weeks for a 19 here in Charlotte from a large dealer (they claim to be the largest independently owned dealer in America with normally 7,000 guns in stock).

    Shop around. You'll likely have to wait, but considering the demand I think they are doing pretty well.
  14. Yes I would. Sometimes timing sucks. Plan ahead and be patient. How does getting mad at the manufacture or dealer help?
  15. Back orders do not mean guns are not being shipped out every day. It is just if an order is placed today there is a 6 month delay.
  16. I agree with you about getting mad at the manufacturer or dealer. How do you plan ahead if you turned 21 in January? Straw purchase? How can you possibly blame a 21 year old for not purchasing sooner?
  17. Glock is shipping about 15,000 new Glocks per week. Just keep in mind that their primary business is Military and Law Enforcement.
  18. Personally, I can't wait for all this proposed Gun Legislation to blow over and for the market to be FLOODED with 'used' GLOCKS :)
  19. Well you could just cry and stamp your feet like a child.

    What? Is the entire free market system supposed to change because someone is having a birthday? Welcome to the real world. Sometimes things are unavailable. Be patient.
  20. I think $699 is very reasonable if someone doesn't have the patience to wait. Supply and demand rules are in full effect in most places. When I ordered my 19 they were quoting 6-8 weeks and given the frenzy these days I would have been happy if it showed up in 8 weeks. If don't want to pay a premium sit back and relax, the phone will ring before you know it.
  21. Don't wait for it to pass,you are old enough to Vote and let your voice be heard.

    I urge you to become involved,join the NRA,GOA,SAF or NGRA to aid in the struggle to retain ones God given rights.
    Attend any hearings,rallies,become involved. I have been involved since I was able and suspect will have to be for the rest of my life,Freedom isn't Free.

    You will find a Glock and when you do treasure it and each and every arm you acquire in the future,this is something our first President said on the matter.

    Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence … From the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to insure peace, security and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable . . . the very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor. George Washington
    SJ 40
  22. Hear, hear! Hurrah fine sir!
  23. Does it have to be a GEN4 G19?
  24. I put down a deposit for one that was $535. $577 out the door. Paying 21% more is not a good deal for immediate availability. This is precisely the reason the market is all out of whack. At no point do I blame the dealers. They have every right to take advantage of this opportunity.

    I am really not angry, just overly excited. For someone to say I should have planned a head is plain funny. Bad timing for sure, but to blame myself and all that jazz is just plain funny. I got introduced to shooting and really liked it. You are suggesting that I should have planned ahead and known that I was going to like something I had never tried and that it would happen in the middle of a crisis. Ha, right.

    To keep things in perspective, there are few things in the world that one has to wait for months to get (especially at a price point of $~600). I'm just pumped up to get to shoot.

  25. It's clear you are ignoring my only point. I only questioned how someone who had no legal way to purcase before this point could possibly be at fault.

    You can try and make it seem like I am complaining, but I am not. I am only questioning your logic, which you have failed to explain.

    You sir, are acting like a child.
  26. This^^

    Wow, just perused the interwebs and damn they are expensive. But there is inventory out there.

    Check the usual suspects like GunBroker and the like I guess.
  27. The 19 is worth the wait.Quite possibly the finest combat handgun ever built. Be patient, and you will be glad you were.
  28. I bought a gen4 glock 19 on Jan. 12 of this year when Sandy Hook was all you heard about. I paid $559, $605 out the door. I live north of Dallas and the CTD store had lots of them. I have been back in the store every week since and they have had lots of the, at least 10 in the case. Two weeks ago the price was $659, up $100 bucks, I guess supply and demand is going full throttle. I don't think the distributors or glock have raised their prices, it's the stores. Be patient, you will find one!
  29. I bought mine in March 2012 when it was $539. Just be patient. Believe me your LGS wish they had some in stock.
  30. Please tell me you DIDN'T buy from that little Napoleon pr**k Larry Hyatt. Talk about a crook with a license to steal. They are the most OVERPRICED shop I have ever been in. Even last year that crook was selling 9mm ammo for $18/box and telling u it was a bargain. If my choices are ever going to him or never shooting again, my choice is easy. Not to mention his staff sucks, his smithing staff sucks. The only people I see in there are gangbangers with wads of fives and tens
  31. I have had a G19 Gen 4 on Blue Label order for months now. I retire soon so I'm running out of time to get a Blue Label Glock so I have a G26 Gen 4 on layaway, 75% paid for, just waiting it out in case a 19 comes in. Shouldn't have sold my last one.....grrrr :steamed:
  32. How do you define "Over market price?" That is clearly what the market can bear right now....

    Yep, I agree.

    Try getting healthcare in Canada or England.

    I'd be excited to pay that right now.
  33. Strongly recommend you buy a .22 caliber pistol and start shooting tomorrow. By the time the 19 shows up, you'll have developed some skill at pistol shooting.

    Large caliber handguns are not the best way to learn to shoot. The noise, recoil, and expense severely limit the amount of practice you can put in. There is no substitute for rounds down-range for learning to shoot well.

    Get a .22 and start practicing.
  34. I have bought 2 Glocks from Hyatt and I have no complaints. I know his accessories are high so I only bought the guns from him. When we bought the 26 a couple of years ago (pre-hysteria) his price was as good as anyones. I know the price of the 19 was not the best, but from what I am seeing and hearing it was better than some, plus I had it in less time than most posting here. I have been there several times and have never seen any gangbangers, maybe you hit them on a bad day.
  35. Walked in my LGS Saturday and saw a Gen 4 G19 priced at $549...yeah I walked out with it.

    Couldn't believe I found a Gen 4 G19 during this craziness, but really couldn't believe it was reasonably priced! Guy said he had just put it in the case an hour earlier. As I was doing the paperwork someone called looking for one and put a down payment on the G3 G19 he had in stock. These were the first G19s I've seen around here since November.

    The craziness will pass, but at least I have my new Gen 4 G19 and 3-15 round mags to practice with!
  36. I have two G19's and a G21 on order, all Gen4 and FDE, since the end of December. I just received 600 FMJ and 600 JHP 9mm rounds from Cabelas and have nothing to shoot them with. Feel better now lol?:crying:
  37. I am in kind of the same boat.

    I ordered a Glock 19. It's on back order But it's only been a month (give or take a day). When I checked a week ago for my status on the list. I found out I was 21 out of 93. And that was less than a month after I ordered it.

    The owner of the business said that the PO they put in on December 4th would fulfill my order. So, it's been over 10 weeks since the order was placed with Glock... and that order was placed before Sandy Hook.

    I can only imagine orders placed AFTER.
  38. Try Jims Firearms Baton Rouge and arrange for a transfer
  39. I feel bad for you guys (and gals) who are having a hard time locating a Glock firearm.

    One of the largest LGS's here has a ton of stock. At least 2or 3 copies of each model in both gen 3 and gen 4. IIRC the G19 gen 3 are going for $539 and the gen 4, $579. That was last week when I went in for some 9mm. Plenty of ammo too, with the exception of .223/5.56.

    They only type of firearm they to not have are AR15's of any kind.

    I hope the rest of LGS's and other suppliers out there get caught up soon for those of you waiting. Best of luck...

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  40. Be patient. Took me a month to get a 19 gen 4 for 579.00, gotta get to your FFL's. I use 4 of them, all in small towns, big box stores suck..
  41. Just got a G22 from Cheaper Than Dirt for $559 shipped. It is the G4 and has 3 mags. My LGS will take $25 for the transfer, so my total is $584. Not a great price, but in this market I don't feel that I got ripped off. Keep an eye on the internet. You can find ammo and most gun models for a non-ripoff price if you look hard enough.

    Good Luck. My G19 is my favorite pistol.
  42. Have you tried to find .22 LR ammunition recently? Given that the OP just started shooting he probably doesn't have a stockpile of ammo. While getting a .22 is generally great advice, at the moment buying a .22 is probably going to be about as useless as waiting for a G19, unless someone wants to yell "bang" at the target while holding the gun.

    The only exception to that might be a .22 revolver. .22 Short ammunition is still available at some local shops (a friend of mine owns a gun shop and has lots of .22 short, but no other rimfire ammunition).
  43. Agreed X100, next he'll be crying about not being able to get ammo.
  44. If you haven't checked, checkout GunBroker.com. Transferring to an FFL in your area is not a big issue. They usually have some nice ones at reasonable prices. Good luck!
  45. I guess $699 would be a decent price given the time. I bought mine for $500 OTD when I turned 21 in 2009 and my G19 never gave me any problems til this day. If it came down to simplicity of operation and maintenance, my Glock 19 is the victor in my gun safe.
  46. It will be worth the wait is promise!

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  47. This^

    Sdk8103, I got my Gen 3 G19 and G26 from the very same store just last week. I happened to be in the store when they had a 19 in the case. I jumped on it and ordered the 26 too. I had it within a week.

    This particular store is not only very large but so large that they deal direct with Glock and are not subject to the whims of distributors. In fact they have a bunch of Glocks in the case every time I go in there.
  48. Bad (unlucky) timing for sure. If you were born in 1942 and started shooting in 1962, like me, you would have stockpiled stuff. No sense of planning. :snoopy:
    Seriously, this mess is what it is. Beyond the obvious, most folks don't understand supply chain dynamics and manufacturer/distributor/retailer relationships. No way to figure it out on our side. All you can do is be patient and wait. In the old days you used to have large inventories in the chain which could buffer a lot of sudden demand. Nowadays everybody uses just-in-time supply concepts where delivery of everything from raw materials to finished products are timed to arrive just in time. Large inventories cost money with no guarantee the stuff will be sold, which is why they went to JIT decades ago.

    A good friend of mine owns a decent size gun shop. He says he has no idea when merchandise will be arriving or how long this will last. Nobody else does either. Before this, you'd see an on-line site showing "Backordered" with the expected arrival date. Not any more - it's just "Backordered" or "Out of Stock". Generally speaking, I would be suspicious of any retailer that gives you firm dates.

    Finally, supply and demand. If a dealer is selling at higher prices than I want to pay...I won't pay. If I want to buy the product at an inflated price...I'll buy it. Simple. Life is unfair sometimes.

    Good luck and hang in there.