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G 17 9mm Barrels

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by thejano, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. thejano


    Aug 2, 2010
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    JR - I have two different questions. I have a Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrel for my G 22 and it works great. Will this barrel also work in my G 17?

    Are there differences in stock Glock barrels that could impact accuracy? I have two G 17 Gen 4s. One is less than 4 months old but I have put about 3,000 rounds through it. The other is 1 month old and only has about 200 rounds through it. I notice when sighting the older G 17 from the bench that it really didn't shoot consistently tight groups. Two days ago I put the newer G 17 barrel in the older G 17 and it improved dramatically -- shooting extremely tight groups (from the bench and on sandbags just like the other G 17). I am practicing for a match and shooting Atlanta Arms 147Gr JHP Match ammo on these tests (880 FPS). As I do these tests - I am set up through a Chrony and the FPS on all measured shot are less than + or - 3% of the spec 880 FPS. I am testing at 30', 45'. 60' and 75' with the same group patterns.
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    Dec 29, 1998
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    Oldtown Idaho USA
    No the 22-9 conversion barrel is built around the G22 speciations. It has a larger diameter than the standard G17 barrel.

    Accuracy from gun to gun will differ. You have to remember that you can take 100 Glock pistols.... Tear them all apart and build 100 new pistols. Each time you do this the accuracy will be affected. Yes the ammo you are using is very consistent and is bound to contribute to these great groups. The biggest contributor will be the parts fit of any particular gun.