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Futurists, do you buy in to their B.S. ...

  1. and really believe they can predict the future?

  2. If you could believe futurists, we would all have had flying cars years ago.
  3. And Jet Packs!
  4. There's something happening here
    What it is ain't exactly clear
    There's a man with a gun over there
    Telling me I got to beware

    I think it's time we stop, children, what's that sound
    Everybody look what's going down..........
  5. And time machines.
  6. Never ~~~ !! I'm thankful getting thru the day.
  7. His book, Creature from Jekyll Island, is quite good. As to is other ideas I can not speak to. You think he is a crockpot, cool. I liked his book on the federal reserve.
  8. I saw that video a while back. Scary how well it describes what we see today.
  9. Old news.
    Cultures have come and gone for thousands of years.
    This is just the final acceleration of the end of the USA Republic.
  10. The real violence hasn't even started yet.

    It's not difficult to see into the future. Take the past and the present, and reduce possible outcomes to those with the highest probability of repeating.

    You can always count on violence, chaos, death and destruction to repeat. Again and again.
  11. We did.


    The vehicle on the left was in development in the 1980s. The one on the right was the newest version.

    ...but just like the delay of electric cars, there was (and still is) a lot of money and power to be gained by keeping us in the status quo. As such, this project was not given any funding.
  12. There were flying cars before I was born. The problem was they were rotten cars and rotten airplanes, nothing has changed.
  13. Back in 94 one of our NCO's said something inappropriate to a female soldier. She contacted the equal opportunity NCO and we all had to go through classes. I had just finished reading a book on the communist takeover of Grenada and noticed that the EO classes had a lot in common with the communist indoctrination methods. You can try to laugh it off as paranoia but the commies have been here for a long time and they trash whatever they touch.
  15. Got some more for you guys...

    When the human race focuses on something other than killing and/or screwing each other over, we can come up with some pretty incredible things. The problem is many humans have issues involving excessive greed and the need to control everything around them. This causes constructive ideas to be suppressed, free thinkers to be censored, open minds to be uninspired and the regular masses to remain satisfied with bland mediocrity.

    The United States is quite possibly the most powerful nation that has ever existed and that wasn't by accident. Our ancestors brought together the greatest minds from all over the planet come together for one goal; to be free to choose our own individual paths and live up to our maximum potential.

    The far left; polluted by communist/socialist/Marxist ideals seeks to obstruct this goal at any cost. They must be stopped before our division becomes unsustainable.
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