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Fun with PVC....

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I strayed from my usual wood projects for once. :supergrin:

I made an adjustable hurdle out of PVC to test my jump height. Cost about $12 to make.

Real basic, but its adjustable. Goes from 30" to about 55".

I used an old inner tube piece to adjust the legs. It slides up and down easily enough, but it still tight enough to hold the upper legs at the desired height.

One day I may just drill a series of holes in the upper pipe to adjust the height, and slip a nail in. But the inner tube was easier for now.

Should work good for jump reps over it, and then put it up a little for max jump height.

Thats my box jump wall on the left. Its only 30" high though.

It started raining the second I finished this thing, so no pics of me falling on my face. :rofl:

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Cool idea.

I was just thinking this morning about how I used to jump over fences and stuff when I was a kid and how that could make a decent metcon exercise. The problem is that I can hurt myself walking down the sidewalk, much less when doing that.
Pretty cool, Brad. I've been jumping lots of odd objects lately in class (large tires, people, ropes...) and doing some agility ladder work. Jumping is good.
Looks like it might be a good platform for a target holder too.
interesting, my son had his first session with a hurdle coach today.
My legs just feel weak in general. Like any strength I gain just doesn't want to stick.

I'm about as explosive as a mouse fart.

I mess around with box jumps. But its time to get serious.

Gonna work in box jumps (hopefully weighted), my hurdle jumps, and broad jumps.

Hopefully the hurdle jumps (landings) won't bother my knees. We'll see.

The next highest thing I have for box jumps is the tailgate of my truck. Its about 38" atleast. Maybe more.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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