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Fun "Shoot"..July 15..Cokato, MN

  1. On July 15th there will be a totally unorganized, yet fun, "shoot" at the Rainbow Sportsmans Club just outside Cokato. Handguns, EBR's...if it is fun, bring it!

    The range does charge $10, but that is good for all day or until your ammo and your friends's ammo runs out....
  2. July 15th Cokato Get-Together Adds NRA FIRST Steps Class!

    Two of the folks planning on attending are NRA instructors and thought it might be fun to conduct three NRA FIRST Step Sessions, (8:00am, noon and 4:00pm) at the Cokato Get-Together set for July 15th. Bring friends and new shooters and introduce them to safe shooting...and they get the FIRST Steps Class also. The class will be just $10 additional...that is the cost of the class materials.

    Class size will be limited and will be fun...

    For those not familiar with the curriculum, it is a general safety and use class for new shooters. It is both classroom and range. Participants receive an NRA Basic Shooting textbook and NRA completion certificate. We focus on one gun, but we expand it a bit on the range and will have many models to try. This is a great way to introduce new shooters to the sport, and you won't find the class any cheaper (essentially free is pretty cheap).

    To register, send an e-mail to me indicating your preferred time and number attending. Remember that the range has a $10 fee/person, and that the class is an additional $10 for the materials. We will provide the guns, targets and ammo; we can provide eye/ear protection, but most people probably would prefer to use their own.

    So, come to the get-together...bring a new shooter!

    [email protected]
  3. Too bad, I was on vacation, sounds like fun..........