fun on the farm

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    Three farmers in southern Ontario, two men and a woman, are having trouble with their tomatoes being too small.

    One of the men happens to subscribe to one of the more off-the-wall agricultural mags, and he picks up a strange tip therein: to increase the size of your tomatoes, head out each morning before the sun rises, and expose yourself to the tomato plants.

    He figures it's just crazy enough to work and he tries it next morning. Before long, his tomatoes are as big as grapefruit!

    The second male farmer notices this and asks the first one what he did. Like the first, he thinks it's just crazy enough to work, and he tries it. Sure enough, his tomatoes start growing to the size of softballs.

    The woman farmer discovers that her male colleagues have solved the size problem, and finds upon inquiry that both of them seem to be having luck with this idea of flashing the food, so she starts things up next morning too.

    After a few weeks she walks into the local bar and she's seen by the two male farmers. "Any luck? How's your tomatoes going?"

    "Well, let me tell you boys, the tomatoes haven't done a thing, they still look like frickin' grapes. But you should see what's happening to my cucumbers..."