Full Moon Syndrome

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    My cats are a little "squirrelly" tonight. Goldie was sitting on the window sill looking at me kind of "oddly". I reached up to rub her toe and she started to play and slapped at my hand. She had extended her claws and hooked me at the base of my third finger! :shocked:


    Then she panicked when she realized she had hurt me and began to back away clipped into my hand by one claw! :scared:


    Precious is kind of "wild" too. She stepped on the piano's keyboard, which I had opened for the first time in months, then panicked as she hit a low note and bolted to parts unknown! :rofl:

    Goldie came back a minute later and sat on my monitor and looked pensively at me, I rubbed her chin for nearly 5 minutes, kind of like she was saying "I am sorry dad!" :sorry: :sad: :supergrin:


    It must be the phase of the moon tonight.

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