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Full conversion worth it?

  1. I recently traded into a like new generation 3 glock 23, and I'm not that fond of it. I love my g19, and g17 to death, but I'm not a huge fan of the .40 round.

    I can do a full conversion to 9mm for under $150. Would a lw barrel, 9mm ejector, bearing, and extractor be as reliable as a factory 19? Normally I'd try to sell it and buy a 19 or 26, but in today's climate 9mms are a rare breed.
  2. I am wondering what you dont like about it? I have a G19 3rd gen and am looking at getting a 2nd gen G23 after shooting my dads Ruger 40 cal. I havent shoot the G23 yet.
  3. The 23 has a lot much more muzzle flip than a 19.
  4. All you need is a G32 barrel.

    The 357Sig cartridge is the hottest 9mm around.
  5. Since you already have a G19, I would go this route. Get a factory G32 barrel. You can use your factory 23 mags.
    You can also get a Lone Wolf or KKM 40-9 conversion barrel and use your G19 mags to shoot 9mm.
  6. Maybe I need to go to the range and shoot the G23, the G19 is going to be my CCW weapon, although my dad carries his ruger 40 for ccw.
  7. I would because the difference is substantial.

    I should also add that I have a very healthy supply of 9mm and mags.

  8. :agree: 100%
  9. The price of .40s&w is already to high, not a chance I'm am converting to .357sig.
  10. If you're sure you don't want to shoot 40?
    You may want to look for someone to trade a G19 strait up.
    Otherwise get a 40-9mm conversion barrel and G19 mags.
    Although getting the mags may be a b1tch (&_* right now.
  11. I have over 20 glock 17/19 magazines already. So that isn't an issue.
  12. Just buy a 40-9 conversion barrel. If he gun is just for the range you're fine. It will be reliable enough. 150 plus the price of the gun is to much for a fun gun. It will be plenty reliable with just a drop in 40-9 conversion barrel. The more you shoot the .40 the less muzzle flip u will notice and soon it will be like shooting a 9mm with hot SD ammo.
  13. Rent or borrow one the glock .40's IMO have the most felt recoil. I've shot many many many .40's and I feel the glock recoil the most. but it's not to much like this guy is tryn to make it sound. It is easy enough to shoot and still have fun.
  14. The recoil isn't horrible, but if you are used to a 9mm there is a significant difference.

    I compete with my glocks, and the 40 would definitely add time to my scores.
  15. With practice with the .40 u can get the same times u do with the 9mm. Just takes practice like everything. U didnt get the times u do now first run did u? U had to practice. Do that with the .40 and u will do the same times.