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Full auto baby

  1. I don't really see the need for a full auto baby Glock in this video but that magazine is awesome.
  2. Asinine.
  3. Well there is that or a Claymore :)
  4. It looks like the standard 33rnd Glock magazine with a grip adapter. What's awesome about it? It's been around since the beginning.
  5. Doesn't even look like FA...looks like a camera speed up with the idiot firing into nothing.
  6. Meh.:headscratch:
  7. Just some geezer doing millennial stuff. What BS!
  8. If this would be my forum I'd ban you for posting this fake ass sh*t from this fake ass Hickok impersonator.
  9. Locking this while we discuss the video. If the thread disappears, you'll know what staff thought.

    Open again. No discussion of turning a G26 full auto, please.
  10. Glockwalker, I'd never seen that mag adapter either, so I did some searching, and found out it's called the X-Grip Adapter. Looks like they make several types/sizes; more info here:


    Once I knew the name, I found the product on Amazon, MidwayUSA-dot-com, and other sites, so figure out which one you want, and look in those locations for pricing.
  11. I thought the video was pretty funny. I hope some liberals have seen this video and lost sleep over it.

    Now I want to see a "video" of a full auto Kahr PM40 with a beta mag. Nobody would be safe in three counties.
  12. If real it should be labeled , " How to kill everybody but the one you want". And what ATF agent would give a license for manufacture of that weapon for demos to LE and military. It serves no practical purpose.
    Now that I watch the video again I think I agree with Fuzzy03cls it does look like the film was sped up.
  13. He missed the cans. :supergrin:
  14. I think you're right that looks exactly like it. They must of glued it on or something to keep it from sliding down. Normally I think they are sized to fit each magazine they just slide on and are sandwiched between the gun and the magazine base.
  15. LOL you might be right it did make me laugh.
  16. Fake full auto. No selector switch on rear plate. Glock 18s have it on the left side. Other aftermarket addons have been made to replace the rear slide plate cover.

    I think the adapters have a set screw in the bottom to lock it in in what position you want.
  17. If it were legal, I would buy several of them!!!!

  18. i downloaded the wave form and saw that there were 66 high impulse sounds. just saying...
  19. Hmm. I watched it an I think it was sped up too. Even if this was a joke, I still think it's not exactly brilliant to post a video where you purport to violate a law that can land you in prison for a decade or so. Probably wouldn't go anywhere, but why invite the trouble?
  20. You're right good find! I kept pausing it to see if he was pulling the trigger repeatedly and it looks like he only pulled it once...not sure but then at 00:28 the slide goes back in the locked position after 33 rounds then the video seems to repeat itself at another angle where you can see the target.
  21. I've seen this before but I really can't see what the finger is doing.
  22. About that 33 round magazine

    I've purchased four 33 rounders over the years. Then I started shooting Action Pistol. It's kind of a USPSA / IDPA / not a lot of rules (other than SAFETY) that we do at our club.

    So I shot about 3 matches with the 33's. Looked cool, got several comments.

    BUT they make your Glock rock from the weight below your hand, especially when moving fast. Hits suffered and my scores showed it. Found a very good compromise with the new + extensions giving me 19 rounds per mag. Just sharing.
  23. The video is sped up, sped up so obvious it was hilarious. Thank you for posting that nonsense.
  24. That's a great point I love how the 17 round with the + extension feels. Even in the small Glock 26 it's shorter than the slide making it the perfect controllable fit and very fun to shoot/reload and shoot again.
  25. fake
  26. Sadly, that's 46 seconds of my life I'll never get back.
  27. I think they are the same hickok because there's like 3 channels one is called hickokandson and it's even more cringe worthy. I watched the "Glocks suck" video and he's like ha ha that title is just click bait we don't do click bait here in hickok land, then it goes viral makes thousands of dollars but it wasn't click bait... right.
  28. Never understood the G18 in any role other than perhaps suppressive fire. Saw some G18s in footage from Europe; if we're determined to have such a contraption, it should have a shoulder stock.
    As far as the video, meh.
  29. Wrong. They have 2 channels: Hickok45 and his son has his own. This dude here is the only one being fake and useless bulls*t.
  30. Wrong? How do you know they're not cousins or something? His son was the biggest scammer with the "Glocks suck" video. The big galoot made a lot of money by tricking viewers.
  31. I agree with some others. Looks like fun, but pretty much useless.
  32. A little sensitive? Apparently they do or they wouldn't of done it. Do you even know what fraud is? It's the delibrate deception to secure unfair gain. The "Glocks suck" video is an excellent example.
  33. Well...that was certainly a waste of his ammo and my time!
  34. Now that you mention it, it did.
  35. Go press some charges for fraud against them... let us all know how it went when filing the report at the local PD.
  36. Quick way to go through a lot of money in bullets...
  37. Great way to waste ammo and not hit what you are aiming towards (no way to aim "at" with that rig)
  38. Don't worry Davy fraud is very hard to prove in court... you probably know that.
  39. You have the video for your dumb claim, how much more evidence do you need?

    PS: show me some Tennessee case law supporting your fraud suspicion.
  40. Nice work, Sherlock.
  41. Like I said fraud is hard to prove in court and I would have nothing to gain. Do you think I could collect for watching it? I doubt... Just sayin...
  42. Has nothing to do with proving a case. This simply is not fraud. You have no contract with the content creator nor provider and they also didn't force you to watch that video.

    That's like trying to sue Warner on a movie just because the title of the movie didn't deliver. Not going to happen.

    YouTube movies are no different, and in this case you didn't even pay for it.

    Your claim is utterly unfounded.

    Now, this loser who is impersonating Hickok45 could be very well in for copyright infringements if Hickok45 is a registered trade name and / or he is using this on any other platform.
  43. None of it is right just like Hershey ice cream and Hershey chocolate they tricked me too. Lock them all up even the Hickok that isn't spelled the same and his cousin that says Glocks suck.
  44. It is comic satire now that I see.
  45. I don't think so, I have fired a full auto MP5, and M4.
    The MP5 is so smooth to fire, and I could get off 2 and 3 round bursts; right on target.
    The M4 just rages on full auto, but a 5 round burst is easy enough to do.
    I would take either one of them over that thing. It is all over the place.
  46. The M4 rages on? I never shot one but I would think the small 5.56 would be smooth in full auto in a gun that size. Maybe that's why they made the 3 round burst?
  47. The 3 round burst is one of those things that sounds good, but it isn't. It stinks in practice, or at least I did not like it. An M-4 on rock and roll is controllable, but it has muzzle climb to consider.
    It is a handful to keep on target during full auto, but I will take it over any 3 round burst M-16. Or any other gun for that matter.

    PS: I got my M-4 so hot, that it was hard to handle; it was hot, and there was smoke rolling off of the barrel.
  48. You have to try this: Pause the film when it starts shooting there is a point where you can count 4 casings in the air at one time. That my friends is full auto.
  49. If I were ever in a situation that required me to spray n pray I wouldn't want to have to keep pulling the trigger.
  50. I always volunteered for range detail with my old Guard outfit; range detail got to burn excess ammo; turning it back in was a PITA. Never thot' my M16A1 was especially hard to control in bursts or even mag dumps; sure seems a good way to get the bad guys heads down.
    Part of the issue; the M16 was never meant to be a LMG, tho' it was sometimes treated that way....