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Fujitsu Launches 12-inch Convertible Core i3 Tablet

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by TBO, Jun 30, 2010.

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    Fujitsu Launches 12-inch Convertible Core i3 Tablet

    Fujitsu this week revealed the Lifebook TH700, a convertible tablet packing Intel's Core i3 CPU, Windows 7 Home Premium and 4GB of DDR3.


    Boasting a 12.1-inch, WXGA, LED backlight display (with a pen-and-capacitive-touch dual digitizer) on a bi-directional hinge; Intel's Core i3 (2.26GHz) processor; 4GB DDR3; 320GB of storage; a full size, spill-resistant keyboard; WiFi; and Bluetooth, the TH700 is an impressive machine, even if a 6-cell battery is a little disappointing. As far as aesthetics go, it's not exactly stunning but it's not ugly either, just a bit industrial looking.

    Fujitsu rolled this one out pretty quietly and is offering a $50 rebate on top of the $1,149 starting price. It's available now from Fujitsu's website.

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