Fuel Perks vs. discount (Walmart)

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    Does anyone else use Fuel Perks? (cents off per gallon for shopping at a particular store)

    Up here in PA we have Giant Eagle stores. They also operate convenience stores called GetGo that sell fuel. All last week The GetGo was 7 cents per gallon higher ($2.67) than most other stores in the neighboood ($2.59) We use the pharmacy at the G/E and that adds up. The G/E has a few items that WalMart doesn't, however, most everything else in the store is .20 -.75 more. $50 in receipts gets you .10 off gas. ($2.67 vs. $2.59) Your discounts expire on the last day of the month, three months after they are earned. For example, discounts earned in May will expire August 30. If you choose to use your discounts, you can pump up to 30 gallons (or in certain cases, 25 gallons) in one transaction for one vehicle. When when I reach $1, I take all the cans and pump a full 30. ($30 off)

    After some basic math, this only adds up to a 1-2% discount on the G/E prices vs. saving a consistant average of $180 per month shopping at W/M??:rofl:

    The fuel perks thing is just a scam.
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    For people that refuse to save a bundle on groceries because angst towards Walmart, it might work out.