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FTF GA New Custom Loaded M-4

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by GearGuru, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. GearGuru


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    Nov 19, 2005
    Metro Atlanta GA
    I have the following for FTF GA sale in the Metro Area. CC permit or LE or will need to go through my or your FFL.

    $1000 or OBO (reasonable by my standards not necessarily yours :tongueout: is best contact

    Brand New 5 Rounds function tested on another lower.

    Lower: Tactical Innov. T Billet Lower

    Upper: CMT M-4 Flattop with M-4 Cuts

    BBL: Lothar Walther 16” LW50 Stainless Bead Blast Heavy Match 1/8 with Wylde Chamber, Matched AO Bolt and M-4 ramps w/ custom flash hider

    Bolt & Carrier: Advanced Ordnance 8520 Carpenter Steel and MPI’d Bolt

    Fire Control: Stag Arms LPK w/ standard Mil Spec trigger

    Rail: Yankee Hill Machine LW Carbine 4 Rail Handguard

    Rail Covers: Mapul XTM Foliage Green Rail Covers

    Gas Block: SAOD Ind. Picatinny Railed .936 Diameter

    Stock: Magpul Foliage Green MOE Stock on Mil Spec Extension

    Grip: Magpul Foliage Green MOE Pistol Grip & Knights Armaments VFG

    Trigger Guard: Magpul Foliage Green

    Lights: B Square 1” mounting Ring for Surefire or similar 1” diameter lights

    Includes NIB Insight M-3 Tactical Illuminator

    Email for better photos
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