Ft Benning and Gunny Challenge Photos

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    Thanks for the great pictures and the gallery!!!

    Congratulations on your Gunny win!!! You showed a fine example of some fine shooting. Hopefully, we'll see you again before next year.

    Stay safe and have fun,
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    A good deal of experimentation went into the "forward lean" that is built into the target bases.

    When first built the targets stood a lot "straighter" and when the circle popped open, it fell back so it was a lot less visible in the open position than it is now.

    Unfortunately, being that "straight" the transmitted vibrations from a hit anywhere on the target caused the circle to pop open. That was not what was wanted. Wooden shims were used to "lean" the targets forward until this was corrected. "Gunny I" back in 2005 was shot using the shims.

    Once the desired angle was obtained, the bases were altered to provide that angle without the shims, as per "Gunny III".

    Now, it takes a direct hit on the plate itself to open it. A near miss, even as close as a bullet diameter outside the circle, will (usually!) not open the circle whereas a bullet hitting just an inch away, ON the circle, will open it.

    Leaning the targets toward the shooter results in a few annoyances that are probably not correctable. As noted, a lot of the plate is still visible in the open position so you have to look pretty closely to decide that it is in fact open. You have to change your eye focus from the front sight to the target to determine this.

    Since the entire target is now leaning towards the shooter, to reset the reset "arm" must push the plate past "top dead center" far enough so it will close. If the "arm" is shortened, it may not push the circle "over" far enough to the point that it will reset. So, shortening the reset arm is probably not an option.

    IMNSHO, the best "quick and dirty" fix is what was suggested; putting up a blaze orange sheet behind each plate so that it is immediately obvious to the shooter that the plate IS in fact open, without having to change eye focus.

    FYI, for "Gunny IV", if it takes place in conjunction with a GSSF match again and not in conjunction with the SHOT Show. Expect "Gunny" to take place 1st thing on Sunday morning and NOT on Saturday afternoon. It was clear that efforts necessary to do "Gunny" were to the detriment of organizing and running the rest of the GSSF match. Moving it to Sunday morning would largely prevent a recurrance of this.