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My fiance (now wife) bought this for me when I was in college. Mainly used for holding soft drinks and frozen personal pizzas. Great condition, barely used. It has a few scratches on top from where the printer sat...but barely noticeable. Once I graduated and moved into my house, it turned into a laser printer stand...hasn't been plugged in since Mar. 07. Fired it up about 2 hours ago and it is nice and cold inside. Just cleaned with 409 as to bottom.

Very configurable and has lots of storage space for only 1.8 Cu. Ft. Great for new college students or for a home office where you have to travel further than 20 ft. to get to the big fridge (unlike me)

First with $75 obo cash takes it home. But please, no lowball offers

I am at I-20 and SH 360 just south of Traders village (I could walk if I wanted to)

Email\PM me if interested. Please check my other ad for my L shaped glass desk. If you buy both I will give a discount.

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