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75B, Kadet Kit, All Pistols, All pistols 2009

CZ Factory posters are in pristine to superb condition.
Been in dry storage and are as perfect as you can get
from CZ-USA.
Measurements Are: 26 inches tall x 18.3 Inches wide with blue borders.
Perfect from framing.

I've sold poster sets on Ebay, Gunbroker and gun forums.

--My poster supply is getting low and I've decided not to sell them anymore after
this Summer.

--So, THESE are my last sets

----.$45 Shipped For each Set

---ADD $10 if you want one of the last few PCR/P-01 Posters.

-----------Look here for pics of all my posters for sale.


FREE SHIPPING and a FREE CZ Decal with each set.

Thanks for looking!

[email protected]

BLADE-TECH CZ75 Mag Pouch/Surefire Combo!

Firstly the mag/light pouch.

Excellent condition, will fit most 9/40/357 double stack magazines
the same size as a CZ75, but not the P-07 Duty.


This is a new SP-01 9mm 19-shot magazine from CZ-USA.

Strong spring and like all my mags that I've sold in the past.
Under my 100% guarantee to fit and function.

Will fit all large framed CZ 9mms except the TS, but is best in a 75B
or SP-01, Shadow or the new Phantom.

Rear View:

I'm asking $95 shipped for the SP-01 Mag and Blade-Tech pouch together.

OR: CZ mag: $42 Shipped

Mag Pouch: $50 Shipped

FREE CZ-USA decal with them.

[email protected]


Hakan Pek Custom Grips. CZ75, 75B, SP-01 and all full sized 9mm /40s that accept grips, except the

Ask for more pics.

feel free to ask about your gun if you are not sure.

Now $50 shipped.

CZ-USA 10-round Magazine in new/very good condition.

This is a 10 rounder from CZ-USA for a COMPACT
in 9mm like a CZ Compact PCR, P-01.Also fits the
RAMI 9mm.

Spring and follower are strong, could very well be new
and new PCR mags look like it.

Perfect for range or IDPA..or CA/NJ or
other states where 10 rounders are a must.

$33.00 For the 10 round mag, with free CZ Decal (yellow)

As with anything else I sell.

If the mag doesn't fit or work 100%.
You get a complete refund!


.357 SIG chambered RAMI barrel by Nowlin.
Perfect for your RAMI in .40 S&W.
Less recoil and improved reliability
Has had 50 rounds through it.
$110 Shipped.

ASK about CZ Poster Sets.

EMAILS Only please, as I might not check PMs.

Money orders only please. No PP sorry.

[email protected]
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