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Fs: (wa) Glock Stuff

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by clarkstoncz, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. clarkstoncz


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    Sep 28, 2006
    Glock Police Patches Poster as new from Glock.
    This is # 3 of 5 in the police patches set.
    19 at the bottom. Also a Glock Torture Test poster of the Glock 17.
    Both posters are in new condition, $30 shipped/insured.

    GLOCK 17, 22, 31 Sport /Duty Holster (only)offered by Glock. Great for range or field use.
    $30 shipped/insured..feel free to ask for a pic.

    SIGARMS:(3) Sig-Sauer pins and (8) SIGARMS decals. $25 shipped/insured.
    (3) Beretta patches, (2) Beretta Decals $25 shipped/insured.
    Assortment of (12) patches of Police and Decals. $30 shipped/insured.

    Harley-Davidson Police Motor fotos, 10 fotos per set. only 3 sets left:$35 per set plus shipping.

    As NEW: one set of RCBS Cowboy Dies. 45 Schofield/45 Colt.
    100 pieces of NEW Winchester 45 Colt Brass. NEW RCBS shellholder for .45 Colt
    or 454 Casull. $55.00 plus $10 SH Insured.

    RUGER ITEMS: Ruger Law Enforcement and Ruger Firearms.

    (1) RUGER FIREARMS memorabilia set of (8) items.$25 Shipped/insured

    (1) Ruger Armorer's School pin
    (2) Ruger Firearms decals.
    (2) Ruger Firearms window decals
    (1) RF pin (metal)
    (1) RF pin (plastic)
    (1) RF patch

    (1) RUGER LAW ENFORCEMENT memorabilia set of (8) items.$30 each set.

    (1) Ruger Armorer's School pin
    (2) Ruger Law Enforcement decals.
    (1) Ruger Firearms window decal
    (1) RF pin (metal)
    (1) RF pin (plastic)
    (1) RF patch
    (1) RUGER LE patch

    35 item set of Ruger and Ruger LE Memorabilia
    $65 shipped/insured.
    (10) Ruger Firearms Decals
    (10) Ruger Law Enforcement Decals
    (5) Ruger Firearms Window Decals
    (5) Ruger Law Enf. patches
    (1) Ruger Firearms Pin (plastic)
    (1) Ruger Firearms Pin (metal)
    (1) Ruger Firearms Patch
    (1) Ruger Armorer's School Pin (metal)

    I have pics of every item..just ask.
    I do accept Pay Pal and Postal Money Orders.
    Burris B-Plex Fullfield II Rifle Scope. 4.5 x 14 power- 42mm. In MINTY condition, one tiny little
    mark that was there when bought new. Crisp and clear with Burris scope cover.
    Had it on my new CZ 452 American, no longer have the rifle.
    $275 shipped/insured. I accept Pay Pal ( or postal Money Orders.

    NEW:Weigand Ranch Rifle/PC9 flat top tactical scope mount.
    will fit ranch rifles or pc carbines.
    new 3x9 BEC armored scope $75 shipped/insured


    New CZ83 .380/9mm Mak 10-shot mag: $35 shipped/insured, will include a free CZ-decal
    and CZ tie-tac bar as shown.

    CZ POSTERS: Factory NEW and Factory seconds.
    Shop Set #1: 75B, Kadet Kit, CZ83, All Pistols, SP-01 Girl, CZ452 .22 Rifle:
    $30 shipped/insured.
    Shop Set #2: CZ100,CZ83,Kadet Kit,CZ75B,SP-01 Girl, P-01, CZ452, All Pistols:
    $30 shipped/insured.
    NEW CZ Posters in pristine condtion.
    Set #1: All Pistols, Sp-01 Girl, 75B, Kadet Kit, CZ83, CZ452: $45 shipped/insured.
    Set #2:CZ75B, Kadet Kit, CZ83, All Pistols, SP-01 Girl, CZ100, CZ452: $45 shipped/insured.

    CZ97B Tactical Holster from Cen-Dex.Adjustable Tension.
    Should also fit P-01 and SP-01. $65 shipped/insured.

    I have pics of every item..just ask.
    I do accept Pay Pal and Postal Money Orders.