Fs: Vortex Flash Eliminator

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    Apr 1, 2004
    FS: Vortex Flash eliminator

    Original Smith enterprise
    for: Ar-15,M16, A2, and M4

    http://www.smithenterprise.com/images/0100 L 1001BV Vortex M249 G6.jpg

    Contact no. 0919-2253300


    "The Sommers Vortex Flashhider was invented, designed and refined by Sonja Sommers of Smith Enterprise, Inc. It is a patented accessory (U.S. pat. no. 5596161).

    The Vortex is the most copied, but never equaled, flashhider on the market.

    The Vortex is machined from 8620 bar stock steel, then case-hardened to provide a tough core and hard surface for maximum strength, black-parkerized finish. 21/4" long, .861" diameter. It is Sound Suppressor capable.

    The Vortex is not a timed item, when it is tightened that's where it is. The Vortex does not required the use of a lock washer.

    The Vortex conceals the flash essentially 99.999% - even on full auto."