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FS: Tactical Gear Blowout
The Tactical Holster Vest is constructed of a durable, breathable nylon mesh. On one side, it has a cross-draw holster that can be adjusted to fit pistols with lights attached. The holster has dual retention straps and a front magazine pouch. Opposite the holster, the vest has three assault rifle magazine pouches and an accessory pouch. Above the holster is another accessory pouch and velcro strip for ID patch or shotshell loop attachment (included). Also on the front of the vest are two zippered map/document pockets which can be accessed from the outside of the vest. The vest is available in one size only, fully adjustable in the waist for a secure fit. The vest is secured with a heavy #10 zipper. On the base are belt loops for securing to a duty belt, these can be tucked away when not in use. On the back are webbing loops for securing accessory pouches with Alice clips, as well as an emergency drag handle at the top. Inside the back panel is a sleeve to accept a hydration bottle. All tactical vests also have a padded shooting patch.

Elite Specialists tactical holster vest $49.95

Blackhawk The Worlds Finest Tactical Nylon Thigh Pouch: 1 in stock - $39.95

Blackhawk Web Gear for Hydration: 1 in stock - $12.95

Blackhawk Commando Chest Harness (Woodland Camo): 1 in stock - $29.95

Please call (270) 534-0500 to place an order
OR e-mail [email protected]
We accept MC, VISA, AMEX, DISC and Postal Money Orders
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