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I am liquidating part of my .22lr collection. These are very nice revolvers and would make a great gift or addition to your collection. I will attempt to describe them in as much detail as possible. For additional inquires, PM and I'll answer questions or email pics.

1. S&W Model 17 (K-22 Masterpiece; K4002XX) 6". This a Model 17 (no dash) in very nice condition. Bluing is 99%, bright and shiny, with no discernable scratches, drag line is faint. Original grips are in good condition, with little wear on the small diamond cuts on the right side. There is also a small blemish (1/8" x 1/3") on the bottom of the grip. I have the original box but no papers. $500+shipping.

2. S&W 18-3 (1K940XX) 4". This gun is 100% LNIB. I can say confidently that I don't think the gun has seen more than 20 rds in its life. I know because I put 18 rds through it and honestly believe that was the first time it had ever been fired. The bluing, condition, fit, original grips, sights, etc, - are all 100%. It literally looks like the gun just came off the factory. The drag line is alomst imperceptible and is virtually invisible unless viewed under strong light. This model .22 in this condition is VERY rare. No box or papers. $625+shipping.

3. Colt Diamondback (P448XX) 6". Yes, there are lots of Diamondback .38's, but this is a somewhat rare .22lr, more so because it is a 6", not a 4". Condition is 99%, with no edge wear on the bluing. There is a slight scratch on the left side by the horse (but not on the horse). Lockup is tight and like all good Colts, like clockwork. The only downside on this gun is that I do not have the original grips. The replacement set I have on the gun are new and look like the original except for the gold medallion. No papers. I have a blue plastic Colt box for it, but I do not believe it is the original. $925+shipping.

For partial trade on my end or yours, I would consider the following:

DPMS AR-10 (.308) flattop 16" in very good condition
Les Baer officer-sized 1911
Glock 19
Pencil-barrel 16" AR-15 upper
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