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Roll Tide??
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T/C Contender rifle, with stainless frame and wood stock set. Barrel is a 24" T/C Custom Shop .22 Hornet in matte finish, with a round count less than 150. Gun is in good condition, and trigger has been lightened to under 2lbs. Frame features the hammer mounted swivel for switching between rim and centerfire. THIS IS NOT A G2 FRAME. For those interested, I can include an RCBS die set with Forster competition seater, and some brass and loaded ammo. SCOPE/RINGS NOT INCLUDED.

$500 w/ brass and ammo

Will consider trades for:
-CZ bolt .22 Hornet
-Other .22 Hornet bolt guns
-Ruger Single Actions (New or Old Models)
-5.56/.223 and 9m ammo
-Ruger No. 1s
-O/U shotguns
-side folder AK74

I will consider other trades, so email me.

[email protected]

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