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This is NOT the more commonly seen "Loaded" model! This is the PX9129 6" Trophy Match long slide.

This one is a tack driver and the lockup and fitting are awesome!

The overall condition is very good as the photos show; save some minor scuffs from riding in a Pachmayr bullseye box. The "worst" is on the upper right of the slide by the rear sight. One nice thing about stainless is that you can touch it up with a Scotchbrite pad.

Includes box and papers as shown. I should note that there's no of that silly ILS system in this one.

$1150 shipped to your FFL.Postal money order or discreet PayPal. I have tons of refs if you need them. Trade value higher.

Send email, not a PM, please. TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1787.jpg TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1786.jpg TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1785.jpg TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1784.jpg TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1783.jpg TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1782.jpg TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1781.jpg TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1780.jpg TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1779.jpg TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1778.jpg TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1777.jpg TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1776.jpg TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1775.jpg TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1774.jpg TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1773.jpg TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1772.jpg TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1771.jpg TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1770.jpg TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1769.jpg TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1768.jpg TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1767.jpg TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1766.jpg TM Longslide PX9129/IMG_1788.jpg
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