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    Sep 22, 1999
    sportshooter.com is for sale, lock, stock and barrel.

    My personal, family, and work situation has changed enough that I don't
    have the time to give it the attention it deserves. I've never pressed
    very hard on the advertising/money making front, though it has always
    been profitable. Someone with time, energy, and contacts could
    certainly get a lot more out of it financially than I have.

    With almost 75,000 sessions and over 250,000 pages viewed in a normal
    month, I'd hate to just turn it off. I think it does provide a real
    service to the shooting community.

    I'm not expecting much, but there is a revenue stream, many regular
    readers, some remaining logo merchandise, and it will take some work to transition all of the components and provide some level of technical support during the transition.

    More details for serious potential buyers via private email.

    Millard Ellingsworth, Editor
    email: editor@sportshooter.com