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FS Sparks Executive Companion (5" 1911)

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:wavey:My new VM2 and Elephant trimmed Axiom will be arriving soon, need to make room in the holster department, as I'm now carrying Commander size pistols exclusively.

Here is a Milt Sparks Executive Companion, specific to the 5" 1911. Marked for SA, but my Colt's fit it just as well (as does my SA!).

3 sets of loops. 1.25" and 1.5" standard, and a new 1.5" split loop that I ordered factory direct. EC's are cowhide, and Tony Kanaley's personal favorite holster.

Right hand. Super shape.

No gouging, you get it for what I have in it.

$100. shipped, money order por favor.
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Looks like this one is SOLD.
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