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This would be a great set to start someone off in collectiong coins, or to add to an existing collection. Here's the low down.

1941-Mercury Dime (80%)
1942-D -Mercury Dime(80%)
1902-Liberty Head Nickel(50%)
1907-Liberty Head Nickel(60%)
1911-Liberty Head Nickel(60%)
1901-Indian Head Cent(cleaned 80%)
1906-Indian Head Cent(cleaned 80%)
1907-Indian Head Cent(cleaned 80%)
1974-S Proof Licncoln Cent(98%)
I'll throw in a couple of half dollars, and some 40s-50s era nickels as a bonus. :cool:

Looking to get $35 shipped to the contiguous 48. PM me or post here with any questions. I haven't taken pics yet, but I can.


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I would be interested in seeing the condition. If you could post a picture it would help.
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