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FS: Shoulder rig G19/23/32

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I have a Bulman Gunleather horizontal shoulder holster and double magazine pouch for sale.The holster is in mahogany,right hand and fits the 3rd generation G19/23/32.If your into leather and shoulder holsters you would unlikely be able to find a better rig.It was delivered to me on 4/12/06 after a 6 month wait.It was worn 2 days and is in perfect condition.

$225 shipped Priority Mail/insured CONUS,money orders only

e-mail me at [email protected]

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Originally posted by Glockdude1
6 month wait, and want to sell it so fast? Why?

I had surgery on the right side of my neck not too long after I ordered it.Nothing major but I lost some muscle on my right trapezius.Since I hit the gym and do shrugs regulary it's starting to come back but my left trap is still somewhat bigger which makes the holster feel kinda awkward.It will probably take me another 6 months to get it back to normal.I could also use the money for something else:) .I thought someone might want a good shoulder rig but if no one wants it I'm sure it will get used in the future.
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