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FS: "Shooter's Guide to BHP" and other Books by Camp (Limited Time Offer)

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Stephen A. Camp, Jan 9, 2004.

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    Apr 15, 2000

    "The Shooter's Guide to the Browning Hi Power" has been a good selling item and is still available in its 8 1/2" x 11" format. This will change soon and this large version of the book may no longer be available. If the book continues in a trade manual size book, it will not have the color preface and conclusion photos.

    The book contains information on ammunition tested in the Hi Power, accuracy results, modifications that work and those to be avoided, a discussion of "stopping power" along with comparisons of the Hi Power to its top competition pistols. Sections on maintainence, cleaning, and complete disassembly are included. It is written by a Hi Power user for other shooters of the Browning Hi Power and
    focuses on the 9mm.

    The color cover is printed on heavy cardstock which is heat-laminated for long life. The book is spine-bound and will lay flat for easy reading.

    Chapters include:

    Brief History of the Hi Power
    Today's Hi Powers vs Yesterday's
    Other Models based on the Mk III
    FN Competition Model
    Mk II Hi Power
    Forged vs Cast Frames
    The Custom Hi Power

    ...and much more.

    The 73 page text also covers recommended spare parts, magazine disassembly and maintainance and much information on both standard velocity and +P ammunition usage.

    "Defensive Handguns" is the same 8 1/2 x 11" size as the previous book and has 134 pages of text and 100 photographs and many tables to provide easy understanding and quick reference for the reader. It targets people interested in taking responsibility for their own safety and is easy to follow. At the same time, more experienced folks withing the shooting community have told me that it's an interesting, useful work.

    The cover is on heavy cardstock and is heat-laminated like the previous book. The reader is not "forced" to pick a particular caliber or handgun type, but
    encouraged to make their own decision after the strong and weak points for each are presented.

    Considerable space is given to holster selection, ammo types, and other pertinent areas of concern for those considering a defensive handgun. Much of the information is included as it answers recurring questions at concealed handgun licensing classes the author instructs.

    "9mm Ammunition Tests: The Shooter's Guide to Ammunition for the Browning Hi Power" is meant as a companion book to "The Shooter's Guide to the Browning Hi Power." It goes into extreme depth in discussing 12 FMJ "range loads" as well as 25 "high performance" JHP rounds including standard and +P. Where the first book focused on the Hi Power pistol, this one focuses primarily on the ammunition and how it performs with regard to function, accuracy, expansion and penetration. Many photographs of the expanded bullets along with recovered weight and dimensions are listed individually and in tables for quick reference. What's actually been seen on animals shot with some loads is presented and various ideas of what constitutes "stopping power" are presented.

    The book's 107 pages of text cover how well various ammo did or did not work in the Browning Hi Power. Each load is tested in two separate Mk III 9mm pistols and set back, case expansion, accuracy results, average velocitites, and more is provided for the reader.

    The "Hi Power Disassembly Guide" will be continued in its current form and price.

    Any of the three books cost:

    $19.95 + $5 S&H for a total of $24.95 within the US.

    The Disassembly Guide remains priced at $10 + $2 S&H and ten bucks flat IF ordered with a book.

    I will make sure all orders received in the next few days are honored, but will have to make the book unavailable soon. I'm not sure of the lag time before it's possibly offered again in trade manual size, approx. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2". I will advise when the current versions of the books are no longer available.

    Payment by mail instructions can be provided if you'll Email or PM me. PayPal is accepted as well.

    Thanks in advance.