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First is a NEW IN BOX Reeflo Dart. This was purchased right before Reeflo went to the new pump style for the Dart. I was going to use this on my 400gallon reef and have decided against the project as a whole.

$200shipped anywhere in the CONUS.

Next is my 37gallon column setup.

It is made by Perfecto. The dimensions are 20”x18”x24”tall. The stand is black with a tinted glass front. This is only about a year or so old. Includes tank, stand, and glass top.

Asking $200obo Local only

I can add a 175watt MH also or sell separate (but will discount if it goes as a whole).
175watt Reef Fanatic electronic ballast
175watt PFO batwing parabolic reflector
175watt XM 20k SE bulb (about a year old as well)

Asking $160 shipped anywhere in the CONUS

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