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FS: Ruger SP101 by Gemini Customs

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For Sale: One Ruger SP101 in .38 spc. with 2.25" barrel. It comes with a Meprolight tritium front sight and a Hogue Monogrip.

The SP101 has been worked on my Marc Morganti at Gemini Customs. It has had the following work:

Complete action tuning with 10# mainspring
Crown barrel
Chamfer cylinder throats
Dehorn for carry
Eliminate cylinder endshake
Replace all springs
Polish springs and plungers
Bead blast entire revolver
Widen rear sight notch
Install Meprolight front sight
Polish and contour trigger

The action on this SP101 is smooth and predicatable. It is much lighter than stock but not so light as to be a hazard. All in all this is a very nice pistol. The total round count for this revolver is 50 (on half of a Winchester White Box value pack). No +P ammo has been used but it is rated for +P.

The price is $500 for a face to face transaction in the Indianapolis area or $500 plus actual shipping to your FFL holder.

I am not intersted in any trades so please don't ask.

If interested, please e-mail me at jmb79 AT

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Price lowered to $500 for a face to face transaction in Indianapolis are or $500 plus actual shipping to your FFL holder.
Bump for a great pistol, used to have one, should have held on to it. If I weren't clearing the herd for a custom 1911 purchase, I'd consider this one seriously. This model is great for CCW as far as size goes, and the great thing about wheel guns is you don't have to worry about ammo selection or other semi-auto issues; they always go BANG when you pull the trigger. Life expectancy on one of these if you practice shoot wiith mostly .38 spl is unreal. Let's find this baby a new home!
I gave one of these up recently as well for another purchase and regretted it almost immediately. Was a matter of cash as always....hope to have another one someday. This is a great wheel gun.
Thanks for the kind words. I hate to give it up but right now the family comes first.

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