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three die set comes in a RCBS green plastic box. I acquired these With a used Dillon press. This was an estate sale and the guy I bought this from only told me his father had reloaded up to a few weeks before he passed. There is no visible rust or damage but there are a few minor wrench scuffs. The sizing de-cap die is stamped "RCBS .45 colt carbo FL s" the seating die is stamped "RCBS .45 colt seat". The third die appears to be for belling the mouth of the cartridge and is stamped 45 colt also.
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I assume these are not for .45ACP but for .45 long colt but do not know much about .45 caliber.

I do not have a use for these and would consider a trade of some sort or a cash offer. I welcome all questions.
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