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FS or Trade ,John Salley Custom Fighter

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I have had this one for a while.I got it in a gun trade years ago.It is a John Salley fighting knife.It is 12 inches in all and the blade is 7 inches long to the gutter.The blade is made out of ATS-34 and I believe the handle is G-10.I also have a black leather sheath for it.John passed away in the 90's and he was known as a great knife maker.There was a artical on this knife in the 1991 Summer issue of "Fighting Knives" magazine.I really don't know what this knife is worth as I am still trying to get some info on it on a knife forum.I would like to get $200 for it or trade for a quality folder or smaller fixed blade or even a gun.I like Busse and ZT knives the most.Thanks in advance
Any info you guys could give me on this knife would also be apreciated.
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Done deal, email sent via my yahoo mail....

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