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FS: Once Fired Brass

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Over the past years I have amassed a ton of brass. Ok, maybe only 700-800 pounds. So it is time to clean out the garage.

All the below is once fired commercial brass that has been cleaned and polished. All steel cases and berdan primed junk has been yanked out. Prices do *not* include shipping. I can get a lot of brass inside a USPS flat rate box for around $12-15.

9x19 $40 per thousand
38 Special $60 per thousand
357 Magnum $60 per thousand (sold out, 11/27/2010)
40 S&W $45 per thousand
45 ACP $65 per thousand (sold out, 11/28/2010)
380 $75 per thousand
300 Whisper/Blackout $240 per thousand

The below pic is about 15-20% of the brass I have had time to go through and bag up so far. So much brass, so little time.

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Well that was a quick 10,000 pcs of 45 brass gone...

I guess I am going to have to get back to sorting and polishing.
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