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FS: OLIGHT SR90 Intimidator SST-90 LED 2200 Lumens Flashlight Box Set

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    Olight SR90 Intimidator Flashlight
    2200 LUMENS
    Complete with Accessories in Carrying/Storage Case
    $449.95 MAP

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    Possible Applications include: Military, Tactical, Law Enforcement, Customs & Border Patrol, Security, Search & Rescue, and Caving (Spelunking), Camping, Fishing, Marine Navigation, Aircraft Maintenance.


    - Uses a Luminus SST-90 LED, 30W, lifetime 60,000 hours.
    - Output & Runtime: Two brightness levels and strobe mode
    (1). High Mode: 2200 Lumens / 80 Minutes
    (2). Low Mode: 700 Lumens / 9 Hours
    (3). Strobe: 10 Hz/160 Minutes
    - Max throw: 1000 meters.
    - Battery pack: 6 x18650 (7.2v, 6.6A)
    - Dimensions: Length:336mm (13.23”)
    - Bezel Diameter: 100mm(3.94”);
    - Weight: 1580g (With battery pack)
    - Accessories: Includes one strap, one charger, one operator’s manual, one O-ring.
    - Includes Carrying/Storage Case
    - Color: Black




    Max output 2200 Lumens
    Max throw 1000 Meters
    Rechargeable battery pack with built-in 6x18650 batteries (7.2v, 6.6A). Rechargeable socket on the tail
    Super bright, modern and novelty design.
    Super Strong antireflex coating lens,99% effective transmission
    Four indicators on the tail for indicating the batteries condition:
    (1). 1 indicator on: 20% -40% power remains
    (2). 2 indicators on: 40% -60% power remains
    (3). 3 indicators on: 60% -80% power remains
    (4). 4 indicators on: 85%+ power remains
    (5). No indicators on means batteries with less than 20% power remains and need charging
    Excellent tridimensional heat dissipation ability
    Easy touching switch on the head for turning on/off the light and transfering modes
    Special designed charger, Removable and adjustable strap.
    Two charging methods:
    (1). With the whole torch,
    (2). Only the battery tube
    Mil-spec: MIL-STD-810F
    Highly water resistant
    Anti-shattering ultra clear lens, anti-scratching, anti-slip function.
    Tough and rugged body offering firm grip
    Advanced digital power management system

    Contact us for Specials
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