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Im looking to clear out most of my stuff due to lack of income and need to pay bills.

S&W M&P 40 with 4 1/4'' barrel length. Have fired about 50 rds through it. It is in great condition except has a scuff on slide from binoculars in my truck. Bought to use a Carry but need to part for money.
I am looking for about $600 and will throw in about 500 rds of ammo still in box for an extra $60.
Comes in Case with 2 15 rd mags, snap cap, safety lock, and interchangable hand grips, and an inside the belt Gallco leather holster.

Remington 870 has maybe 30 rds through it. Bought it for Home protection. Have about 200 rds of 00 Buck will throw in as well. Looking for $550 for all of it. Holds 6 in tube plus 1 in chamber with an extra 4 shell holder attached.

Pictures will be up this afternoon. Both batteries for my camera died and have to let one charge.
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