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FS: LL Yashima Nohara Grade 2 and Tsunami Wakizashi silver

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hate to let these go, but next baby is coming, wife not working anymore. both are still sharp, but blades need some cleaning/polishing. Never had blade to blade contact. blade is normal color, the gold is from the flash.

Last Legend Blades:

Yashima Nohara Grade 2 Katana. no chips/nicks, but the blade needs to be cleaned. Raiu Blue options. blue cotton sword bag. 1090 steel differentially clay tempered
$300 shipped in US. * SOLD *

Tsunami Wakizashi (non-folded), cryo-tempered. there's some pits in the tip, but it's no longer rusting. has a little scratch on the saya. blue cotton sword bag. 1090 steel differentially clay tempered, also cryo-tempered.
$300 shipped in US.

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do you have dates on these pretties?
For the Tsunami wakizashi, May 2004.

The Yashima katana, July 2005.

Will post better pics over the holiday weekend.
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